Where’s Bergie Been?

I’ve enjoyed some great photographic experiences recently.  We spent Christmas in Williamsburg and enjoyed everything from the fifes and drums in torchlight on the Palace green, to linen, crystal and silver in the Regency Room of the Williamsburg Inn, to an organ recital at Bruton Parish Church, to just bopping in and out of the 18th century.  Below are the drummers, and more of our visit can be seen here.   What they’ve accomplished at Colonial Williamsburg over the years is just splendid.  How remarkable was the vision and foresight of Reverend Goodwin who conceived of the restoration, and John D. Rockefeller whom Goodwin persuaded to underwrite the project which began in 1927.  For a capsule of the background click here.


After Christmas I went down to see Longwood Gardens’ Christmas display which was, as usual, stunning.  Rockefeller’s work with Colonial Williamsburg was something I think of as enlightened capitalism.  So is Longwood Gardens, created by Pierre S. duPont and opened to the public in 1946.  Because of the duPont beneficence we are able to enjoy such beauty as most of us could not otherwise enjoy. For a few of those images click here.

The cranberry pool in the main conservatory.

In late January a group of us from the Camera Club spent a colllllld weekend in the northern catskills, enjoying and capturing sunrise on the mountain faces and slippery walks along ice-filled creeks and the temperature hovering around 0 degrees F.  Check out the results.

Creek behind the Glen Falls House.

In between these weekends there were also visits to the Reading Terminal Market, along the Delaware River, and some derelict houses near the Cohansey River.  You can see samples of those here.

2 Responses to “Where’s Bergie Been?”

  1. denisebushphoto Says:

    Wanted to be the first to congratulate you on your new blog. It looks great! — Denise

  2. Jeanne and Tom Says:

    Once again, they’re wonderful photographs. The award winners are spectacular. Keep it up, Ralph.

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