Pinelands Destinations and a Teenage Bust

One of the outstanding presentations at the Pinelands Short Course was that of Michael Hogan, a gifted photographer whose fine art large format photographs of the Pinelands and the Delaware River and Bay can be seen in some 26 corporate collections.  Michael is also an ardent and almost hyperactive Pinelands environmentalist.  As a part of that he serves as an advisor to many related organizations.  To fully appreciate his background, environmental activities and photography visit his web site.

His presentation was on Canoeing, Kayaking and Birding in Atlantic County parks.  As a part of that he handed out a sheet listing thirteen park areas in Atlantic County along with their individual websites and, a bonus, their GPS coordinates.  What a great gift.  With his permission I have uploaded it to my website from whence you can download it and print it out.  Click here.

One of the parks is Birch Grove in Northfield.  Long before it became a park these old water-filled clay pits were known to be a kids’ destination, to swim in the ponds and to just play in the woods and brush.  Indeed, I was part of a pack of high schoolers rounded up by the Northfield Police about 1948 and taken to the city hall.  I was packing!!!   It was my Daisy BB rifle.  I shoved it down my pants leg, the stock covered by my jacket; limped into the Sergeant’s office for questioning; and declined to sit down because of my “leg injury.”  I got away with it and was ever after dissauded by that experience from a life of crime.

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