Last Tuesday, the 16th, the South Jersey Camera Club held its last meeting for the year.  Our speaker was the distinguished LBI photographer, David Gurtcheff, and he also judged our monthly competitions.  It was ironic that I mentioned my Lake Placid images in my last journal entry because he awarded one of those images first place in the Digital Category A Competition.  Here’s the scene.  It’s a great coming together of wonderful scenic elements; the boat and dock in the foreground;  the grasses at the lower right; the ducks just emerging at dawn; the dawn sky;  and the misty mountains in the background.  One of my favorites.

_MG_0688 600

These monthly competitions are tough because of the talent and skill of our 100+ members.  I’ve had only one other first in my five years with the club.

I’m also pleased to share with my friends that, as a result of that First Place I have earned a Third Place Medal for my submissions over the year that have been accorded a monthly place or Honorable Mention.  That’s my first medal in five years and I’m pleased.  My only regret is that it squeezed out my friend and excellent photographer, Denise Bush, by only one point in some Camera Club High Drama.  She plugged my work in her Photo Blog and I can absolutely do no less.  Here it is:  The photo of the rusting gas pump and leaning shed was taken in the Delaware Water Gap area.  I overheard the judge telling his wife that it’s the kind of picture he’d like to hang on his wall.  She’s good.

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