It has been a few days of unpleasant weather.  Starting with high wind and drenching rains, we are now beginning to see some sunshine, a typical September nor’easter.  The sea has been angry.


 _MG_2300 800 s'd

One can see the spray and the brown spume blowing through the air, and the waves, gradually giving up as they climb the beach’s slope but still strong  enough to undermine my tripod legs.  Such storms always bring watchers (and here I am), drawn to the drama of the pounding waves. 

_MG_2316 800 s'd

 My late friend, LeRoy (a psychoanalyst),  once told us that we are drawn to the sea because we have a deep memory of the sloshing waters of the womb.  Whatever.

_MG_2309 800 s'd

2 Responses to “A SEPTEMBER NOR’EASTER – 9/13/09”

  1. Louis Thomas Dallara Says:

    Ralph: Thanks for sharing the nice ocean photographs, they take me back to my childhood in Cape May. I could almost feel the salt spray.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Ralph, these ocean photo’s are wonderful. It reminds me of my summers growing up in the Hampton’s. Wonderful memories.

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