Last weekend we exhibited at the 27th annual Wings ‘n Water Festival of the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, NJ.  This is largely a wood carvers’ show but they also jury-in photography, oils and watercolors, all of which is to be associated with coastal life and animal and bird life.

Image 01


Barbara and our friend, Tom, decide which pictures go where on our display panels. 

I find it most peaceful to stay out of this phase.








Image 02


Here’s the finished result.  Not bad.











Here’s an overview of part of the show.  No watercolors here as they were in another building.

Image 04


Lots of exquisite carving.  I noticed that many booths had magnifying glasses so that connossieurs could study feather detail.  It’s a good thing that people don’t want a magnifying glass to look at pixel detail.

Image 05


I was pleased and honored to have one of my images selected for a Third Place Ribbon for Coastal Scenics. 

Entitled “Sunrise On The Jetty”, here it is.

Image 06

One Response to “THE WINGS ‘N WATER FESTIVAL – 9/22/09”

  1. ldallara Says:

    Hi Ralph;

    Great looking both! Your a real Pro, hope you sold enough to make it worth while.

    Congrats on the award I love “Sunrise On The Jetty” image it one of my favorites.

    Be Well

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