Image 02It’s the first weekend in October and Bergie’s in Vermont, seeing my breath on a cold morning for the first time since early spring.  I’ve been coming up here for about forty years but one forgets how  beautiful a place it is.  Driving yesterday up route 100 was a sensory experience as well as a memory jogger: driving through Londonderry; picking up my winter jug of maple syrup from the Vermont Country Store; passing the Weston Playhouse where the antique show is being held this weekend; being pulled to a stop by yet another small lake with gorgeous reflections of the mountainside foliage.

I’m here with a small group for four days of field trip photography under the leadership of the renowned Joe Rossbach of Mountain Trail Photo.  Should be a great experience.  More later.









Image 01

3 Responses to “GREETING FALL IN VERMONT – 10/2/09”

  1. Denise Bush Says:

    Very nice Ralph! Wish I was there. — Denise

  2. Louis Dallara Says:

    Great one Ralph;

    I love water falls and the use of the slow shutter speed to give that beautiful misty feeling.


  3. John Costello Says:

    Hi Ralph,

    I looked at these after the ones marked 10/14.

    The waterfall AND ROCKS is excellent, but I still the misty/foggy one from the 14th best.


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