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Apertures and shutter speeds and composition guidelines are very specific and easily defined; vision, not so. It’s not a setting on your
camera; it’s a setting in your head.


If you enjoy my photography, get some insight into how I’ve done it over my 70 years   of shooting.

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5 Responses to “WELCOME TO BergiesPlace, MY PHOTO JOURNAL….”

  1. LOIS T WILSON... Says:

    Ralph, I just discovered your “blog” as I brought up Terry’s blog…I am her Mother, Lois Wilson…You are a great narrator with your collection of photos…I feel as if I “know” you…Hope the results of Sandy will not discourage you & others affected by the storm…It is hard to imagine what you have endured…We take so much for granted…water, elec. etc…
    I’m glad Terry is closer to home…we just celebrated my 90th. in Ojai 10/27…so I have a few years on you…My best wishes…Lois Wilson.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thank you, Lois. AFter having written way too much engineerese in my business career it’s nice to learn (from you and others) that others find my writing comfortable.

      Congratulations on your 90th birthday. I have pretentious feelings that having made 80 it’s significant. Then I keep finding other friends who are older. 80? No big deal. I’ve also heard that 80 is just the new 60.

      As do you, I’m sure, I look in the mirror, knowing that there’s still that nine year old kid in there with knickers (and a full head of hair) but I think, “I guess I’ll go for another day.”

      I’m glad for you that you have Terry close by again. Your gain, our loss; a person whom I only knew for the past six years but one whose absence left a significant vacumn.

  2. Rich Lewis Says:

    Ralph, it is always enjoyable to see, and read, what you are up to. What a lovely set of New England images. I was just up there briefly for a short reunion with my two brothers and we missed the peak of the color. Thanks for sharing yours. I am particularly intrigued by the photograph from the Pemigewasset River. I am a fan of a 19th century artist named Asher Durand who painted a series called Into the Woods. Old Asher could have been standing right beside you on that one with his paints and brushes. Thanks again for another great blog post.

  3. Sally and Gordon Says:

    Great shots, Ralph. Brings back all kinds of memories – at the Cape and in Maine. Something about fog that is universal.

  4. Jo Ann Morris Says:

    You are a master photographer and teacher, Ralph. I loved the HOW IS IT DONE feature.The asymmetrical cropping looks like it would be fun to play with. I wasn’t aware that you did stained glass art. My problem is that I dabble in a lot of art fields rather than passionately focusing on one and gaining some mastery. I want it all is hard to outgrow.

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos and thoughts.

    Jo Ann

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