Last Sunday I drove up to Red Bank, NJ to tour a major (100 dealers) antiques mall.  That was fun but it was more fun to discover ice boating underway nearby.  The activity was on the Navesink River and I watched it from the venerable (1879) Monmouth Boat Club (this is a private club but I was admitted because of my LBI club membership).  In addition to the individual and family activity underway, down the river I could see a number of what looked like Opti sails flying across the river ice.  I was told that it was a regatta underway, something one thinks about as a summer activity.

The Christmas Tree?  To mark soft spots in the ice.  I was asked to bring mine out there if I hadn’t thrown it away yet.

And if you’re a convinced windsurfer here’s what you do in the winter.




On the day before, Saturday, I headed to the antiques shops in Mullica Hill.  On the way I revisited this old house which I had found and photographed last winter.  It still stands, cold, lonely and deteriorating … reduced to being a landing spot for turkey vultures which flew as I tried to get set up to “film” them on the roof. 

It was a beautiful day, not at all suited to the mood of the house so I converted the images to brooding black and white.


For my photography colleagues the image below was created from three images (-1, 0, +1 EVs) with Photomatix and then converted to B&W.  The result was pretty noisy so I ran it through Neat Image to clean it up.  (Fortunately, Neat Image didn’t clean up the pile of trash.)

2 Responses to “ICE BOATING AND OLD HOUSES – 1/13/10”

  1. Marie Judge Says:

    Ralph, your ability to select sites and subjects never ceases to delight and amaze me. Thank you for sharing them with me.
    Marie Judge

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