MORE BIG SNOW – 02/06/10

Another major snowfall is underway.  It shot down our plans to go photograph the Harlequin ducks at Barnegat Light House.  Another day, perhaps.  Here’s the first image of the storm.

Big Hair in the Backyard


I just waded out to the bird feeder which I had neglected to fill before the storm.  We’ve got 20″ measured.  At 4:30 it has tapered off to almost nothing.  Bobby, Jack and John have dug/plowed out my driveway and the entry walk.   The (excellent) Cherry Hill plows will appear soon. Meanwhile I can walk in the tire tracks of more adventuresome souls.  Some more images:



Looks like more snow on top of the mailbox than after December’s storm.

4 Responses to “MORE BIG SNOW – 02/06/10”

  1. Marie Judge Says:

    Your birdhouse wears a white beaver hat reminiscent of the Queen’s Palace Guard in London.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Ralph, you really caught the beauty of the storm. 🙂

  3. Louis Dallara Says:

    You really nailed the snow, It looks like you have so much me than we did in Medford.

  4. Mimsie Gaskin Says:

    Beautiful photos…. and I loved the look of the bird feeder and the mailbox.

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