I manage to get to the Philadelphia Flower Show about every two years.  I haven’t missed many since my first in 1953 while going to Drexel, and for many years it was an all-family event to bring home the pussy willows and another gardenia plant to feed the mealy bugs at home.  But, by now I’m only up for it about every two years.  Heresy, but it’s kinda the same thing every year.  I don’t for a minute mean to denigrate the brilliance of the theme and exhibit designs but it all begins to blend together.  Anyway, the Post title?  Here she is

Brazilian Dancer

 The theme this year was International Gardens, and the entertainment was international as well.  This lady danced to the samba music of a guitar and electronic piano and she was lovely.  I just don’t remember scenes like this in 1953.  I think it’s a nice improvement.

There were many of the traditional, beautiful garden scenes comprising plants that can only bloom simultaneously at the Flower Show, brightened from the flashes of a bazillion point-and-shoots.  What do they do with all of those images?

 And there are always imaginative scenes, some candy for the imagination:

Lilies in ice blocks

And this beautiful panel with water flowing over it:

Water Panel

A few more images can be seen at my gallery.  Click here.


  1. Louis Dallara Says:

    Nice ones, I liked the Lilies in the ice blocks and the dancer she had a nice smile.

  2. dick webber Says:

    go to utube rich webber and play girl from rio for your brazilian dancer. regards dick

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