A year ago I posted an image which had won first place in the June competition at the South Jersey Camera Club, and helped me win a Third Place Medal for the year.  This year, however, has been almost barren; one first place in March but no other awards for the year.  I’ve said before that the club is a group of excellent photographers and the competition is t-o-u-g-h!  I thought about doing a post on  my images that didn’t make the judges’ cuts and maybe I’ll get to that.  One of them, however, was taken at the Grounds For Sculpture  in Hamilton, NJ, a worthy place to visit.  I was dropping some pictures off there one day just after a snow shower and I was struck by this whimsical scene.

All Weather Love

This is one of several scenes throughout the grounds which bring to 3D the works of 2D artists.  So, rather than bemoan the failure to win with other images here are some more from the Grounds.

Artist At Work

This image shows Renoir at work on one of his paintings of a gracious seaside scene.  Study the scene on the left and his painting on the right.   The water in the background is a lake within the grounds.

The two images below, while not of sculpture, show attractive scenes on the grounds.

Above is a bank of the included lake.  Below is the entry way, an image that earned me an Honorable Mention a few years ago.


  1. Kathleen Says:

    Great photo’s Ralph. I went there last year every Thursday with other photographers and the images were endless. I won the “Cover” of their 2010 Calendar. What a surprise for such an amateur that I am.

  2. Marie Judge Says:

    Nice to see pix of cool days on such a hot one!

  3. Louis Dallara Says:

    The judges are blind, your work is awesome and I hope you know it.

  4. Louis Dallara Says:

    Food for thought… if the Supreme Court Justices could not define pornography, how could any one judge determine that your work was not good.
    Opinions are like axxholes, everyone’s got one.

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