The three prints below were selected to hang in the Burlington County Juried Photography Exhibit at the Annex Art Gallery of Smithville Mansion in Eastampton, NJ.  This is an excellent show that draws high quality talent from much of South Jersey, not just Burlington County.  The show will be on display through August 25th and is worth a visit for all of the accepted entries, many from my colleagues at the South Jersey Camera Club. 

The mansion and the grounds are also well worth a visit at any time of year, and there are several Smithville posts on my journal including area wildflowers and winter scenes.  I first visited the mansion site probably in the 60’s, my wife having discovered it and urging  that we visit it.  It was still privately owned at that time, and was acquired by the county about 1975.  I was caught up with Reverend Beck’s Forgotton Towns books in those years and I was delighted to find remains of the bicycle railway that Hezekiah Smith helped create, which ran to Mount Holly to facilitate workers getting to his factory.

Bubbly Froth

A bubbling stream with reflections of the sky and tree leaves.

Great Smokies Stream

After the Storm

Taken after Hurricane Bill, late August 2009 at Beach Haven, NJ


  1. Kathleen Says:

    Congratualtions Ralph!!! These are outstanding photos. Will come see all the photos at Smithville.

  2. Barb Says:

    That is great news. All of the photos are beautiful but my favorite is Bubbly Froth. See you at the opening.

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