I have always considered myself a rational person.  But, when I reflect on these two pictures, I wonder……

A week ago today I was enjoying a pina colada on a tropical beach under palm trees in gentle, 85 degree breezes.  Today I’m struggling to get through eight inches of icy snow.   What happened??????  Why??????

Before and After

 More pictures and commentary on my vacation later as soon as I get my computer dug out from under the snow.

8 Responses to “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?”

  1. NANCY Says:

    You only got 8″? I can ALMOST taste the Pina………….N

  2. bob williams Says:

    The fact that you know something is wrong is important. And, that you reached out for ideas, is also healthy. Also, the pictures are good but it isn’t obvious that you took them so maybe there is some social contact evidenced. I’ll keep you in mind. Bob

  3. Marie Judge Says:

    So you told you to go home? Not I!

  4. Marilyn Flagler Says:

    Hey Ralph, And aren’t you lucky and wise to take a mid winter vacation? It would not seem so sweet and deserved were it not for a little suffering! And besides, you are running a snow-blower, not hefting a shovel! MBF

  5. Bill Says:

    If I had a snow blower like that I would have made enoug to day t o take a vacation to.

  6. Sally Vennel Says:

    Both look good to me, so what do you have to complain about. Here a little snow blower like that MIGHT only do our decks. We have had over 10.5 feet thus far and it is only January. Maybe I’ll get around to putting a few pictures on my blog.

    Enjoy, Sally

  7. Ken Klaus Says:

    My dad frequently traveled to Chile during our summers. On his return from a week-long trip there, he arrived during a particularly steamy July afternoon in Beach Haven.

    Slowly unpacking his suitcase, he said, “Eighteen hours ago, I was in three feet of snow in a howling blizzard, trying to put the chains on our Jeep in order to get through the mountain pass we had to take so I could make it back in time for my flight”.

    Amazing how diverse our planet’s climate is…!

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