The Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club held its commissioning ceremonies Memorial Day weekend to officially open the season.  I’ve reported on this before (May 2009) as it is an important event for me.  It includes the flag raising and pledge of allegiance, the blessing of the club’s season and of its fleet, the introduction of  past Commodores (twenty-two present, the oldest from forty-five years ago), a moment of remembrance for deceased members, and a cornet solo of the Navy hymn.  This is a celebration that has been going on in one way or another for 99 years at a club house that is only four years younger.  As Tevye would say, “Tradition!!”

But, it’s not all serious; the socializing after the ceremonies (How was your winter?) has been referred to as “Drink your dues night.”

It’s the beginning of a busy season of partying, competitive sailing, tennis, fishing, and even bocce, and the book club, the weekly bridge group, the art group, Happy Hours, a summer art show, various community benefits, a full junior sailing program culminating in the omlette breakfast, and, and …..     All of this is enumerated day by day in the annual club calendar, looked forward to and delivered to members at the club opening.  In addition to the day to day schedules it’s filled with snapshots from the past season, plus formal group shots of the past commodores, the trustees, and the year’s  officers  which I take at the end of the previous season. 

In addition, in my ten years of membership I have been privileged to have my work selected for four calendar covers.  I consider it an honor and I am pleased to make some contribution to the club.  Here are my four covers.

This view was taken as we approached the clubhouse one night after a twilight sail.


Followers of this journal will recognize this image, also captured during a twilight sail a few years ago.



A great waterfront shot of the clubhouse with the wind whipping members’ state’s flags, and a bright puffy-cloud sky to set the tone for the 2006 season.


For the 2005 calendar the editor (an annual task for that year’s vice-commodore) wanted to underscore the sense of tradition which the club honors.  He chose this opening ceremony shot  from 2004.

One Response to “CALENDAR ART”

  1. Mike Pillows Says:

    Nice post Ralph. Growing up around here and both parents retired from the Navy you would think I might be more attached to the shore. You are right about the twilight sail, thats a great shot. Congrats on the 4 covers. One of these days I will feel the pull of the ocean 🙂

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