OH AUGUST WON’T YOU PLEASE COME HOME (Sung to the tune of Bill Bailey)

Somebody pulled another lever last night.  The day ran with the wind mostly out of the south but then it swung around to the northwest.  By 7:00 PM it was blowing 26 and gusting to 35.  Waves were breaking on the west side of Mordecai Island and the porch furniture slid across the deck until it fetched up against a roof column.  This morning it’s still running 15-20, there are still whitecaps out on the bay,  and at 50 degrees a hoodie feels pretty good.

Here’s a short video clip  to convey the warm early morning light and the wind.   If the wind’s too noisy turn your volume down.  Also, it’s best if you kick up the video quality by clicking on the 360 at the lower right of the video screen after you start it and then clicking on 720.  Then you can see the gulls flying, the Great White Egret feeding on the inside far bank, the whitecaps on the bay, and the line of ducks swimming along the near bank.

One Response to “OH AUGUST WON’T YOU PLEASE COME HOME (Sung to the tune of Bill Bailey)”

  1. Derek Stoldt Says:

    Ralph – Thanks so much for sending along. Keep ’em coming!
    We’ve gone “cold turkey” and won’t be back to Beach Haven until 2012, so this gives me a much needed taste of salt air.
    All the best!
    Derek Stoldt

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