I’m in the new town house at Medford Leas and the holiday season is upon us.  So, I’ve placed the candles in the windows and hung the wreath.

Home For The Holidays

But it’s not as peaceful as the picture suggests.  Although we’ve made some progress it’s still chaotic inside.

The preparation and the event were stressful (an inadequate word).  I got through it only with Sigrid’s massive help and Bob’s as well.  My other new best friends are the guys from Hometown Moving in Lumberton.  They were pleasant and professional and amazed me with their cheerfullness through a long day of heavy lifting and carrying during which I felt guilty at every heavy box they handled.  They took on a partial load Tuesday and arrived with two vans and the rain on Wednesday.  By four PM it was no longer their problem; it was ours.

The Hometown Moving Company men and one honorary member.

 The first task was to find the box in which Pearl had been moved and release her.  That done, Barbara had left a Manhattan for me in the frig along with a frozen lasagna.  There was a bed for Pearl and me that night, and breakfast the next morning.  By Saturday morning the IT folks at Medford Leas had me back on the air, relieving my separation anxieties.  Now what had been days of sorting and packing has become days of unpacking and resorting.  Even though the garage floor is already piled with empty boxes there are still boxes in every room, up in the loft, and down in the basement.

Boxes to be emptied and shelves to be filled.

The digital darkroom cometh. Pearl helps.

I’ve already enjoyed a coffee outside on the rear deck;  I’m revelling in the light that fills the rooms after the shadows in my tree-sheltered Box Hill; I’m enjoying driving about “in the country”; and I’m genuinely glad to be here.

21 Responses to “HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS AT THE NEW BergiesPlace”

  1. Kathleen Lapergola Says:

    Yeah, glad your in Ralph!!!! I can spare some time to help, so please let me know. All the best to you!!


  2. John Costello Says:

    Congratulations Ralph!!

    Be happy there for many long and healthy years.

    Now I’m embarrassed – probably won’t have our outside wreath up for a couple more weeks. Procrastination takes many years to perfect!


  3. Bonnie Rovere Says:

    The place looks very bright and cheerful and I love Pearl! All the best in your new home. I hope you will be very happy!

  4. Leah Margaret Barone Says:

    so glad you’re in dear Ralph…….best o’ luck,ole buddy,

    free consultation for special friends.

  5. Ken Curtis Says:

    Looks like you’ve found a very nice place to live. Good luck.

  6. Tom and Jeanne McCallum Says:

    So happy you’re already liking your new home. Don’t worry about the boxes. After a while, you won’t notice them. When can we visit?

  7. scarson28 Says:

    Congratulations on your new digs Ralph. Wishing you many happy years in your new place.

  8. Linda Hollinger Says:

    Nice Ralph!! Beautiful light……Pearl looks right at home!

  9. denisebushphoto Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yes — looks like you have great light — nice and open too.

  10. Pat Worley Says:

    It’s wonderful to see you are in your new home! I wish you many years of happiness there! At least you will be close to our meetings! No excuses for missing. HaHa.

    thanks again for coming to the PPA opening. I really appreciate that you came out.


  11. Marilyn Flagler Says:

    You’ve really done it and will be well settled for the holidays…Congratulations, Stay Healthy and keep those stunning photos coming ( especially the pictures within the pictures – funk)- Phil and I loved those. We should be approaching a similar move but are experienced procrastinators. See you soon. the Flags

  12. Skip Vandegrift Says:

    A giant step!! Enjoy!!! Skip V.

  13. Del Says:

    Boxes, boxes, boxes,………………….it’s not the opening that gets you, it’s what to do with it. Del

  14. Dick Deal Says:

    I’m impressed ( and somewhat doubtful ) that you made the move with only one Manhattan in the fridge….. The place looks great and I hope you enjoy it in good health for many years to come…..


  15. MikeP Says:

    Love the crew pic… as for the small board meeting…just when my plans were to increase its size to about a small country. 🙂
    Just stay calm its almost over.

  16. Claire Says:

    Ralph, what a special new home you are creating! So many good wishes coming your way – certainly add mine to the list! New beginnings, since the only constant is “change” – you are seizing the day quite aptly. Many good years ahead, I am sure. Love ya, Claire

  17. Ken Says:

    Congradulations on THE big move. I wish you well. Your home looks great and once your settled in it will be half the work,,Enjoy


  18. Nancy Deal Says:

    Hi Ralph….just got home from the Northwest. Went to visit my sons in Seattle and Portland, Or and found you all moved in!! There is nothing like the East Coast (I don’t care what they say) and it looks like you picked a wonderful spot. Congratulations on getting the move behind you. Now you can take your time getting settled and really enjoy your new diggs. My very best to your girls and have lovely Holidays.

    Nancy Deal

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