Yes, I’m a fog fanatic.  My clock radio went off and I heard the announcer warn of fog.  I raised the blind and there it was so out I went.

There is a so quiet, enveloping mystery to fog.  A damp bench waits to give rest and a moment of contemplation. 

I was early enough that they hadn’t yet turned off the campus lights.  This one’s at the entrance.

Clouds were nestled in amongst the trees.


  1. MikeP Says:

    I too awoke and saw the fog… not able to shoot as I was running late for work…$%$$#&***. The bench and the last field shot are great, I can feel the dampness and the solitude…%$$$##&. Sorry for my language 🙂

  2. Terry Wilson Says:

    I love fog too! I like the last one best.

  3. ElaineWalsh Says:

    Yes, my mind was thinking ‘fog”
    this morning but I knew someone was out there capturing the mystique

  4. Ken Curtis Says:

    Ya done good, Ralph. Very nice shots.

  5. Marilyn Flagler Says:

    It left a blanket of invisibility on Bay Ave., Beach Haven – not beautiful here, especially when people were hot rodding around without headlights! You did not miss a picture taking day on LBI! Marilyn

  6. Barb McDonough Says:

    Really like the bench shot Ralph.

  7. John Costello Says:

    Good job Ralph. Do you really use an alarm clock?!?

  8. Denise Bush Says:

    Lurking about campus in the fog paid off! I like the bench and the lantern. I wonder what the bench would look like in B&W?

  9. kerryl29 Says:

    Yes…fog is an absolute photographic boon. You did very nicely with the above images.

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