Of course I’m writing about spring flowers gradually appearing.   Whatever were you thinking?  

As I raised the blinds yesterday morning this  tree called to me in the slight fog.  Where did all of those white blossoms come from so suddenly?

Then, on the adjacent trail I came across this night’s work showing the effects of the fog.  It looks as though all that work yielded only a few bits of wet chaff.

Elsewhere on the campus there are lots of splashes of naturalized Narcissi which please the eye and anchor other pleasant woodland scenes.


Not much farther afield was this lovely tree, its blossoms so pretty and so short-lived.  I’ve always known these as Tulip trees but our arboretum sign calls them Magnolias.  Indeed, they’re closer to Magnolias than to the Lily (tulips) family. 

A few days earlier I interrupted these two taking in a morning on the south branch of the Rancocas.

Yes, clearly spring is movin’ in and isn’t that a nice thing to know each morning?


  1. Kathleen Lapergola Says:

    Lovely images Ralph, they made my smile. I really like the Magnolia Blooms.

  2. Walter Jo Says:

    Evokes a lovely calmness. Especially love the magnolia. Beautiful imagees.

  3. Rolf Charlston Says:

    From Rolf to Ralph: You’ve captured the beauty of Mother Nature. She’s springly gorgeous.

  4. Jane Weston Says:

    What a treat! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Claire Says:

    Quite a provocative lead-in, which, of course, piqued my interest. As always, you’ve captured the bucolic beauty of yet another setting.

  6. Diane Morton Says:

    Love your pictures! Love the early spring! ….but I know I’ll be complaining a month from now when all the spring flowers and blooming trees are done and there’s a lull in the action before summer gets going. But right now I’m going to set up my tripod on the deck and get some pictures of the plum tree and Japaneses cherry out back!

  7. denisebushphoto Says:

    Great spring photos Ralph — ALL of them!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, D, It’s just a continual wonderment as to what wants its picture taken. BTW I realized that the daffodil in the foregrounds image got away with out any pp. I punched it up a little and I like it more.

  8. Sally Vennel Says:

    Great to see spring in the East through your camera, Ralph. We are going into mud season here in the Colorado mountains, though some people are still skiing – not me. Keep up the good work

  9. Linda Kamholz Says:

    Spring has definitely sprung. We’d better get out and enjoy it ’cause it looks like summer is acomin’ in fast on her heels. Ralph, enjoyed your pics and commentary, as usual. Are you sure you didn’t write for an ad agency in a former life?

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