I spent about an hour last Sunday morning on the trails along Sharp’s Run at Medford Leas, enjoying seeing the awakening of plants and trees.  It’s nice to see the feathery foliage emerging on the trees but our lack of rain shows in the shallow Sharp’s Run.

Here’s a Redbud.  It wasn’t on the trails; it’s along the walk in front of the Estaugh Building but it was too pretty against a cloud pattern of branches to be left out.


Back on the Red Trail here’s a crab apple that I photographed last week and, below, the same branch last Sunday.  This is the trail where I watch a local walk her several exhuberant Jack Russell terriers and her collie most mornings.  Last month one morning I watched five deer move smartly down this trail, and last week a Red Fox crossed my grass and headed for the trail.

The Red Trail Crabapple (see above) a week later.

There are lots of wildflowers happy to be here along the Yellow Trail.  Here are two for whose names I’m in debt to Maggie Heineman.

Spring Beauty

Spring Cress Cardamine Bulbosa

9 Responses to “ON THE TRAILS”

  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    Nice “article” and pics. Enjoyed reading.

  2. Del Cannon Says:

    Spring is lovely here in Florida (and quick), but I can see right now I will miss the emerging spring in NJ. — Del

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      There’s a lot about living down there that I enjoy but it’s tough to find an alternative to the graying/browning of the world in the fall to be followed by the enthusiastic return of the leaves.

  3. gordon Brummer Says:

    Ralph, Great shots. I know you’ll understand the personal pride I take in these settings as an active member of the Woodlands/Trails Sub-Committee. Gordon Brummer

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