It’s basically over but I was sure paying attention.  I was awakened at about 5:45 with the sound of my roof being adjusted.  The wind tearing around and thru the house made me look out the window for the Wicked Witch.  Pearl was levitated (OK, exaggeration).  Early on there was no rain and only occasional thunder.  But, there were actually waves coursing across the bay. 

The table from my rooftop deck  is now resident on my neighbor’s deck, some twenty feet from where it belongs.  I guess we’ll just go over there for cocktails.

The lightening and the thunder and the pelting rain arrived and the wind still threatened to move me to a beachfront view.  I thought perhaps we should have all gone to the basement but inertia prevailed.  A quick check of the Weather Channel advised me to do that as well.

As with life most storms clear out and this one did melt away (there’s that Wicked Witch allusion, again).  It’s about two hours past.  There is the tardy lightning stroke as though it just got the memo, and we’re easing into what will be a muggy day.  That’s OK.  Now I have to go next door and retrieve the table.

One Response to “A SCARY STORM”

  1. MikeP Says:

    Funny and probably a jolting experience… the weather patterns have been a little strange lately.
    A belated “Cheers” after you get that table reacquainted to its proper place. 🙂

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