Thunder, lightning and rain for wakeup coffee on Grampa’s deck.  One stroke so close that I became even more bald.  Imagine!


But, of course, most of summer’s memories are, fortunately,  like this one.

Last Sunday there was the annual Omelette Breakfast served by the kids.  This is always followed by races of the kids’ boats with their mothers at the helm, followed by a fathers’ race.  The parents usually overflow the kid-sized Opti Prams.  It always makes me think of that man from Boston who had a little Austin….

A week ago we hosted the annual Downbay Regatta in which boats from several clubs along the Jersey shore come down here to compete.  Here’s a Little Egg E-sloop,  LE37,  approaching the mark to turn.  Granddaughter Gretchen seen here giving me the Hi was crewing for the owner and lovin’ it.

9 Responses to “SUMMER SNAPSHOTS II”

  1. Bonnie Rovere Says:

    Great summer memories!

  2. MikeP Says:

    Ahhhh yes… the end. Super silhouette shot!!!! As for me, gearing up for school and the club. Thanks for the summer memories Ralph.

  3. fiebs Says:

    Ha! Love your humor. And, mmm, yes, that is one sensational silhouette!

  4. Pat Worley Says:


    Love the shots, love to hear about your memories even more.

  5. Pat Worley Says:


    I found your image to be quite compelling. All sorts of stories of what image may mean went through my mind.

    Your words of advice and insight to one’s photography is also most appreciated.

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