Yesterday was the autumnal equinox although hints of autumn had already been ghosting through.  Beautiful days.  Clear, chilly good-sleeping nights.  Great days on the beach and not crowded;  just regulars and hangers-on like me. 


One of my pleasures is to sit out on my small “Grampa’s” deck with a cup of coffee, WRTI’s Gregg Whiteside in the background, and Pearl on my lap to watch the early morning light warm up the meadows.  Sorry folks!  Cancelled for 12 knots of cold 63° wind this morning!  Jeez, could we just ease into it a little, please?  I half-thought of firing up the gas logs, and Pearl stayed on her heating pad, incredulous at the thought of sitting on the deck.  They’re saying 48° again tonight: No mercy!

Elsewhere, the summer grasses have kept their promise of their own kind of flowers which are lovely dancers in the wind


I’ve been to the beach early a couple of times because it has such a great feel in the fall. 


One of my other great pleasures down here is an afternoon nap on the beach (or, actually, wherever).  Saturday’s beach nap was slightly damp from the salty moisture being carried by the stiff south wind.  Today’s nap with the wind out of the north and the sand just warm enough was just about perfect.  There is something special about dozing off with the sound of the waves breaking and the gulls crying.  There are hazards, however.  Ever since my daughter and my friend watched gleefully as the tide overtook one of my naps a few years ago, I make sure I’m far enough in to avoid that shock again. 

This week we’ve had some gullies where the seashells pile up between waves.


Here’s some early light and waves on the rip-rap at the south end of the island (Holgate).


I cannot get enough of such scenes as this.  One breaches some fuddy rule about using a polarizer to tone down the specular light but that light makes such a profound statement along with the rolling waves.  Chalk this one up – my eightieth summer – as a good one.


Finally, under soft pink from the sun in the west the convinced surfers pry out the last rides of the day.