Not heavy, maybe three to five inches, enough to be beautiful and calling to me.  I first noticed it when I saw that my little red house was covered with snow as was its backyard.

Image 01

My next view was of my new bird feeder.  Signs of some early morning customers other than the tin cardinal.

Image 02

I had been thinking about the snowfall during the wakeup process, realizing that I’d have to get out there and see what the world looked like with soft, white, rounded corners.  Bundled and hooded against the wind chill I headed out onto the campus.

This way to more snow.

This way to more snow.


Scenes along the way were beautiful, calling to be captured.

Image 04


The courtyards here are attractive to begin with.  I knew the snow would add another dimension to them.  Here’s an example:

Image 05


Also on my must-list this morning was the nearby iconic Kirby’s Mill on the southwest branch of Rancocas Creek.  The first structure here dates from 1778 and there have been additions over the years.  Its location on the creek with the nearby spillway, its architectural character, and its barn-red paint bring photographers like moths to a flame.  The snow just had to enhance it.  Here’s the postcard shot.

Image 08

And across the road:

No cutting today.

No cutting today.


Back home, enjoying the views from the garden room and a second cup of coffee I was reminded how wonderful my flowering houseplants are, particularly on a day like today:

Image 07


A gallery of more images from this morning’s snowwalk can be seen by clicking here.



  1. MikeP Says:

    Looks like you caught it at just the right time. Love the framed with snow stained glass house. Snow does give a known area a different take…. I am just trying to see if it will melt off the walkway before I decide to shovel 🙂

    • Beth Jackson Says:

      I so wanted to go out for a early walk this morning but again work got in the way. I might try and catch a bit of sunset somewhere in the Wharton. Love the stain glass and the bridge.
      Thank you Ralph

  2. Pat Peacock Says:

    So beautiful, Ralph. I always enjoy your photo stories. They take me somewhere else. Thank you for sharing them with all of us!
    Pat P.

  3. Tom and Jeanne Says:

    Tom said “you’re really something”. He was out this AM about
    the same time, walking the dog. Beautiful and cold. Buoy loved
    it. Love your pictures

  4. stokes carrigan Says:

    Beautiful pictures and much appreciated as we sit here in the warmth of the Australia autumn.

  5. denisebushphoto Says:

    Very nice collection Ralph. I especially like the one with the bridge. Is that on Medford Leas property? Yes, I was out in it too but in the car and felt like I had the roads to myself.

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