Saturday….recuperating from vacation….nothing going on…. how about a walk along the campus’s  Red Trail?  Great!  The flower show opened today, and our own show will be coming along soon.  Here’s the first sign…Snow Drops.

Image 01


Later, the trail runs close by the Rancocas south branch.   Here are some reflections of bare branches.  Foliage soon.  Picture shot for fun(k).

Image 02


Here’s a tiny “rapids” along Sharp’s Run.  Shot and aggressively messaged for fun(k).

Image 03


After I uploaded this post a shore-friend and photography colleague, Laura M.,  spotted this face in the rapids.  A Rancocas water spirit???

_MG_5887 crop 600


That’s all.  Just take your camera along when you go for a walk.  You never know what’ll catch your eye.



  1. denisebushphoto Says:

    Thanks for showing us the snow drops! I am longing for Spring and this proves that it is right around the corner.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, De. I was really surprised and excited when I came across two areas where they’re coming out. Everything’s so brown (including the Rancocas) that I didn’t really expect to see anything. Just had to escape the house for a while.

  2. eajackson Says:

    Lets go for a walk soon and find some fun(k) images. Neat shots

  3. Bonnie Says:

    I can see two different faces!

  4. Terry Wilson Says:

    I see a cat’s face to the left of the spirit face

  5. John Costello Says:

    Looks like a cross between ET and “the Scream”

  6. Susan Angulo Says:

    Hello Ralph,

    It’s always a pleasure to “see” through your eyes!!!
    Thanks again for sharing!

  7. MikeP Says:

    Wow… I now believe in the water spirit. Like the reflection of the reeds in the water.

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