1. Bonnie Says:

    I think that the fireplace burning tells the whole story at the shore. All you need is a drink in your hand and your feet propped up! Glad it turned out well.

  2. Ralph Berglund Says:

    Literally LOL’d Bonnie, because that’s exactly what we were doing.

  3. Joanne Beyer Says:

    As always, I am as impressed with your words as with your pictures and art work!

  4. Del Cannon Says:

    Nice stained glass work by the Master. Ahhh weather, so changeable. I’m in the precess of re-checking my hurricane supplies and the contents of the GO Bag. I see the first storm hit Mexico on the west coast, so get ready even if it is chilly.

  5. Ralph Berglund Says:

    Thanks, Del. I wish you better in the coming hurricane season than we experienced with Sandy. I still have some repair work going on.

  6. Howard Shivers Says:

    Ralph, your pictures and sentiments brought back many fond memories of Memorial Day weekends in Tuckerton and the special glow seen on stormy days on the bay. Thanks! Howard

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks for visiting, Howard. I would have guessed that you’d relate to on-the-water stuff. Long time no see you and Jean. Are you done at Tuckerton Beach???

  7. MikeP Says:

    Oh baby… I felt those winds from an old Navy dingy… kind of what the Coast guard uses in the harbors except ours did not have the cabin on top :-). I was shooting with the Ridgewood camera club meetup group. Our lil boat left Jesey City port early in the morning and got back at 4pm. Quite a challenge to shot from a moving boat w/wind.
    This day always brings back my father…23yrs in the Navy… thanks Ralph

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