The first Saturday in June dawned without the cold winds so I headed for the beach.  In my April 25th post I showed the way to the beach blocked by the artificial dune which the borough created after Sandy; now there’s a path.

Before & After

On the left is the little entrance deck which used to lead from the street behind you to the beach.  But, the image is from two years ago, and on the right is the new approach.  The deck is still there under the sand.


The deck is still bounded by the Rugosa Roses which are at their peak of bloom in the spring.



and the Dolphin tiki survived the storm.



Once over the dune and onto the beach the desert analogy continues, the shadows of the mini-dunes being created by the early morning low light.  This is the view I see when I take my summer naps down here.  No, I didn’t capture this by dropping my camera onto the sand  but I was tempted; it’s tougher getting up from these shots than it used to be.



The tidal pools drew both the gull and me.



Later I drove through Holgate to the restored parking area at the entrance to the Forsythe Refuge.  Driving past the homes on the boulevard is still a sad, sobering experience.  Seen from the entrance to Forsythe a 10-15 knot wind from the southwest was pushing waves onto the beach.   We frequently impute a personality to the sea depending on its mood (and ours) .  Looking at these waves and thinking about the destruction through which I had driven I think the sea was saying “Don’t mess with me.”



25 Responses to “CROSSING THE DUNE”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Great series Ralph!!!

  2. Ken Curtis Says:

    Thanks for the photos and report on what you saw. Always enjoy viewing your blog.

  3. Helen L. Vukasin Says:

    Beautiful images Ralph. You are getting better and better.
    Helen V.

  4. elaine walsh Says:

    A refreshing way to start the day …. thank you

  5. Norrie Says:

    This is the perfect email to open this morning as the rain continues for another day. Thanks Ralph!

  6. Tom and Jeanne Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Always nice to see you.

  7. Sally Vennel Says:

    Glad you are back at the beach as we are, and thank you for checking my blog. Haven’t taken many pictures here yet, you are way ahead of me. Love your Rugosa Rose photo especially. When the rain stops will have to get out with my camera too

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Hi, Sally. Glad you’re back. Looked for you at the recent Viking Village craft show.
      I’m not fully back as I can’t haul all my stuff up to the third floor living area until the Sandy-damaged elevator is restored. I’m no told another week.

  8. Judy Says:

    I can feel your sun while I look out at the Southwest Harbor rain. Beautiful warming views.

  9. Mary Lou Webber Says:

    Your shore and beach photos and descriptions are beautiful. So happy we are going to spend the month of August in Stone Harbor. Mary Lou

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Mary Lou. I was down there this past weekend to visit TF McCallums new Eco-Alley store and saw Ross’ sketches. Made me think of Lionel Barrymore’s seaport sketches.

  10. MikeP Says:

    That first shot is very sobering indeed….. that ocean will rear its ugly head again, say in about 50yrs. So until then I will be like the gull walking in the tidal pools and living through your nostalgic shots.

  11. denisebushphoto Says:

    Nice post and poetic prose. Now that summer is here we will all be able to spend time at the shore thanks to your posts! (PS – I would like to suggest you try your hand at some poetry this summer.)

  12. Vince Menzel Says:

    Wow; great photos Ralph. Since we are here, they sure do resonate. Just beautiful – and memorable. Keep up the wonderful work!

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