I drove down to the shore house to enjoy it for one more night this year and then to drain its bodily fluids for winter.  What a pleasure driving down the island at 45 mph through blinking traffic lights.  No wonder the locals resent our summer arrival with its return of traffic lights and lower speed limits.   The sky was overcast with broken clouds so no dramatic sunset but it was pleasant to have a couple drinks in front of the gas logs as they brought the house from its winter thermostat setting of 50°.  The near-full moon asserted itself through the spotty clouds and I kicked myself for not having brought my long lens.

Later, a good dinner at the Engleside and a good night’s sleep which Pearl ended at 7:30.  Not bad.  The day seemed gray.  At first I thought the window was just dirty but when I cracked the sliding door I saw that the fog was on its way.

Image 01

Later it began to thicken up.

Image 02

At the boat landing, however, there was a bright spot.  These marigolds have dodged the frosts so far.  I wished them well.

Image 03


I enjoyed one of my favorite breakfasts at Fred’s Diner and learned that they’ll close in two more weeks.  They weren’t busy so we could chat a little. He said that Sandy’s waters a year ago reached the tops of his booth tables. That’s scary.  The town looks as though it has recovered and it has been functional but there are still closed shops and homes that are sad shells.  The town really closes down though I know that several merchants will stay open through Christmas, and a handful even beyond.  Uncle Will’s and Buckalews will continue as oases till next season.  My year round friends down there will survive though some will surreptitously slip away to Florida for a few weeks.

After breakfast the fog was becoming thicker so I set off down Bay avenue to Holgate.  On the way I passed these tidal ponds in the marshes.

Image 04


Further down at the end of Bay Avenue at the entrance to the wildlife refuge the foggy waves were more interesting.


At this time of year pickups and vans are permitted to drive onto the refuge beach for fishing.  Here, one just passed me and another can be dimly seen ahead of it.

Image 05


A surf fisherman was working three rods in front of me.

Image 06

And this seagull was working the fisherman.

Image 07


12 Responses to “FALL FOG AT THE SHORE”

  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    I enjoyed viewing your fog shots and reading your story. Maybe this year you will be lucky enough to get some snow shots.

  2. Rich Lewis Says:

    Nice set of images Ralph. You just gotta love the fog when you are a photographer.

  3. Bonnie Says:

    Fog always makes for great photos. Love the seagull on the fence.

  4. Ralph Berglund Says:

    Thanks, Bonnie. Saw another of your beautiful roses on F/B this AM.

  5. janfineart Says:

    Ralph- Fog is always interesting. Creates a mood, a setting.

  6. Fran ONeill Says:

    Great pictures of our beautiful island.

  7. Claire Winward Says:

    Ralph, many thanks for a very unusual glimpse of Fall @ LBI – drinks, fireplace and snuggly PJ’s would be my choices.

  8. denisebushphoto Says:

    Enjoyed your peaceful, foggy images. I think I was sitting on the couch thinking ‘I should be out there making photographs’. You were (and I wasn’t) so Kudos to you!

  9. Season Bonner Says:

    Ralph, I not only enjoy your images and your stories, but also THE WAY you write! Were you at one time an author?

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