With my electric blanket and Pearl’s heating pad we survived the storm quite well and awakened to blue sky and puffy clouds and snow on the roofs…….and 6°! !

But, we landscape photographers can not ignore this kind of scene so…….


The good folks at Medford Leas had the roads and driveways  plowed by 7:30 so I could get out.  I fortified quickly with some breakfast, boots, long johns, a sweater layer and a fresh battery and headed out.  With my balaclava I was good to go except there were slippery icy spots of which I had to be careful.  Along the red trail there were plenty of critter tracks in the snow and even a faint odor of skunk but no deer or big-foot tracks.  No one was using the resting bench, either.



There were nice things to see along the way, particularly in the warm light of early morning winter sun.





Over at the nature center green house the heating system was already having its way.



The plants inside were warm and secure, wondering what all the fuss was about.



One more stop, at the atrium within the Community Center, and some winterberry that has escaped the birds so far.



A quite beautiful morning.  Now, back to the cave to enjoy it from inside and with a cup of coffee.




It’s the first full week since the end of the holiday season and with the morning alarm comes the question that I’ve been raising since New Year’s day:  What are you going to do with the rest of this year?  That’s a troubling question.

On a macro level I guess it’ll be more of the same and that’s not all bad.  More photography in its many forms, e.g. camera club meetings, competitions and workshops, and field trips, always fun albeit maybe a bit more physically demanding.   Don’t know about a winter getaway, yet…maybe…maybe.  But, there’ll be another spring, wildflowers on the trails, balmy days, flowering shrubs and trees.  Then, of course, there’ll be summer at the shore…Saturday mornings on the dock with coffee and friends, watching the kids racing…and beach naps, hard to think about on these cold mornings. Then as fall approaches, the chlorophyll supply in the leaves will diminish revealing their underlying reds and yellows.  Before we know it it’ll be time to put the tree and trains back up again.

Image 01_____________________________________________

So, maybe I should just leave it up?


As to the New Year on a micro level it comes a day at a time so that’s the way I’ll be taking it.  For us in the northeast it began with a snow storm.  I went out at about 8:00 AM because I felt that I should.  My resolve melted away in the face of the wind chill but here are some scenes on the campus:


Image 07

My wreath greeted me, looking splendid with its dusting.  I also liked the reflections of the winter scene in the windows on either side of the wreath.


Image 05


Image 04


On another recent day we drove down to the shore area just to drive past the snow-covered fields along the way.  Here’s a scene captured at Smithville.  It made me glad that I’m not a Canada Goose.


Image 06


Smithville is another virtual hard drive of family memories.  It was a good meeting point for us to have dinner with my shore-resident parents now and then;  it was a place where Sigrid once vociferously rejected the Quail Lodge (now gone) Santa as not being the real one who, of course, worked at Strawbridges; it was a place where, in the 60’s, we celebrated my parents’ 50th with a private party.  The fee covered an open bar and dinner; I remember thinking that the more I drank the cheaper each became.  Ahhh, youth.


The post title is Winter Wanderings so here are two more images, both made in December.


Image 03

The above was made on a trail walk on Christmas morning.


Image 02

And, on the stormiest or most bitterly cold days, be reminded that the sun is out there somewhere.  A Happy New Year to all.