It’s the first full week since the end of the holiday season and with the morning alarm comes the question that I’ve been raising since New Year’s day:  What are you going to do with the rest of this year?  That’s a troubling question.

On a macro level I guess it’ll be more of the same and that’s not all bad.  More photography in its many forms, e.g. camera club meetings, competitions and workshops, and field trips, always fun albeit maybe a bit more physically demanding.   Don’t know about a winter getaway, yet…maybe…maybe.  But, there’ll be another spring, wildflowers on the trails, balmy days, flowering shrubs and trees.  Then, of course, there’ll be summer at the shore…Saturday mornings on the dock with coffee and friends, watching the kids racing…and beach naps, hard to think about on these cold mornings. Then as fall approaches, the chlorophyll supply in the leaves will diminish revealing their underlying reds and yellows.  Before we know it it’ll be time to put the tree and trains back up again.

Image 01_____________________________________________

So, maybe I should just leave it up?


As to the New Year on a micro level it comes a day at a time so that’s the way I’ll be taking it.  For us in the northeast it began with a snow storm.  I went out at about 8:00 AM because I felt that I should.  My resolve melted away in the face of the wind chill but here are some scenes on the campus:


Image 07

My wreath greeted me, looking splendid with its dusting.  I also liked the reflections of the winter scene in the windows on either side of the wreath.


Image 05


Image 04


On another recent day we drove down to the shore area just to drive past the snow-covered fields along the way.  Here’s a scene captured at Smithville.  It made me glad that I’m not a Canada Goose.


Image 06


Smithville is another virtual hard drive of family memories.  It was a good meeting point for us to have dinner with my shore-resident parents now and then;  it was a place where Sigrid once vociferously rejected the Quail Lodge (now gone) Santa as not being the real one who, of course, worked at Strawbridges; it was a place where, in the 60’s, we celebrated my parents’ 50th with a private party.  The fee covered an open bar and dinner; I remember thinking that the more I drank the cheaper each became.  Ahhh, youth.


The post title is Winter Wanderings so here are two more images, both made in December.


Image 03

The above was made on a trail walk on Christmas morning.


Image 02

And, on the stormiest or most bitterly cold days, be reminded that the sun is out there somewhere.  A Happy New Year to all.


36 Responses to “WINTER WANDERINGS”

  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    Interesting photos and commentary, Ralph. There should be lots more to photograph this winter, so I can image you’ll have plenty of things to keep you out of trouble if keep looking for those shots of Winter’s beauty.

  2. Rosalind Williams Says:

    Brr! But not so warm in SC either – in the twenties Monday and maybe in the upper thirties today

  3. Del Cannon Says:

    Great pictures as usual and I thank you for the chance to enjoy the season from afar. While I miss the cold and the beauty of fresh snow, I’m beginning to get feelings of self satisfaction for moving South.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Del. With 8″ to 12″ expected here today I’d say you made a good call. Had dinner with Carolyn, Murray and Ruth last week. C&M are probably going to move here late spring.

  4. eajackson Says:

    Happy New Year to you Ralph. Wonderful chilly captures!

  5. Peg Howell Says:

    What a wonderful, welcome surprise to open this on a cold, but sunny day in Northern Virginia. January has always been a month of reflection and wonderment – kind of a centering process I go through and your photos and words were such a pleasure. Thank you Cousin Ralph!

  6. Pat Worley Says:


    It sounds like you have another wonderful year ahead!Enjoy everyday!

  7. Terry Wilson Says:

    From southern California, envious of your beautiful snow. When I was first transplanted to NJ, I remember the delight of seeing real snow on winter icons, like evergreen trees and in the corners of paned windows, so your wreath is a special treat to me.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Terry. I was glad to see your recent posts and I look forward to your spring return. D… tells me you’ve signed up for the Catskills, and so have I so that’ll be fun.

  8. Bonnie Says:

    Beautiful photos Ralph. I think they really capture the spirit of winter.

  9. Kathleen Says:

    You “rock” Ralph!!!

  10. Rich Lewis Says:

    Beautiful set as always Ralph. I am particularly in love with the image of the small path and the one ice with the leaf. They are beautiful and show your sensitivity to the winter palette in this area.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Rich. I really like the ice and leaf but I kick myself every time I look at it because I cut off part of the leaf. Needed D’s pre-meet on composing in the camera but now that’s cx’d.

  11. Sheila Schneider Says:


  12. Nancy Deal Says:

    Happy New Year, Ralph!!

  13. Stokes Carrigan Says:

    Ralph – As I sit here in the Australian outback suffering from an abnormal heat wave (92 degrees at 6:00 pm) it is good to be reminded that there is another season. I have always been fascinated by snow (as long as I don’t have to shovel it) and your very excellent pictures add to my delight.
    Thank you!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Stokes. With 6″ to 12″ forecast here today a little heat wave appeals to me. Funny experience on your post. My phone emits a gentle chime wherever someone posts on my blog. I had to wonder who could possibly be posting after I had gone to bed and was partially asleep. Next morning I found your post from down under and far away, another world, another time zone. Best to you and Diane.

  14. fiebs Says:

    Happy New Year, Ralph! I look forward to following your wanderings for another year.

  15. denisebushphoto Says:

    Nice post Ralph! The winter path framed by the snow covered branches is my favorite.

  16. Eleanor Hill Says:

    Just looked at this again and found it calming and inspiring. Your mention of Smithville brought to mind our surprise Holiday gift this year from one of our sons and his family: Wandering through the shops at Smithville with grandchildren, dinner with the family at the Inn, watching the lovely sound and light show on the lake and a reservation overnight in a charming cottage suite – stocked with wine, cheese and crackers to enjoy as we watched the Eagles win a spectacularly close game. Also, our children know how much we enjoy the Forsyth Wildlife Preserve and the Noyes Museum which they suggested we take in the next day on our way home! The Forsyth was ethereal in a deep fog and we had the Noyes to ourselves as we enjoyed the art and a cup of coffee! If only I had remembered to take my camera! Kids can be very thoughtful at times! Thanks again for sharing your winter musings. Eleanor ( and Bob) Hill

  17. Sally Vennel Says:

    Ralph, as always I enjoy your blog, photos & comments. I was pleased to see snow at the shore the day before we left for Colorado. Not like we have here, but nice nevertheless. I finally caught up with my blog, so of, after to long delay, caused by some missteps this summer. Check it out if you get the chance, especially my new car. Know my 2014 will be better.
    Keep up the good work and leave the village up. I’m sure it will look great any time of the year. Sally

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Sally. I had heard recently through Sandy’s sister that you’d had an accident on the way west. It makes me shudder because I’ve caught myself dozing off a couple of times so now I stop as soon as I can a grab a short nap. Anyhow, glad you came through it reasonably well. Hope to see you somewhere this summer.

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