With my electric blanket and Pearl’s heating pad we survived the storm quite well and awakened to blue sky and puffy clouds and snow on the roofs…….and 6°! !

But, we landscape photographers can not ignore this kind of scene so…….


The good folks at Medford Leas had the roads and driveways  plowed by 7:30 so I could get out.  I fortified quickly with some breakfast, boots, long johns, a sweater layer and a fresh battery and headed out.  With my balaclava I was good to go except there were slippery icy spots of which I had to be careful.  Along the red trail there were plenty of critter tracks in the snow and even a faint odor of skunk but no deer or big-foot tracks.  No one was using the resting bench, either.



There were nice things to see along the way, particularly in the warm light of early morning winter sun.





Over at the nature center green house the heating system was already having its way.



The plants inside were warm and secure, wondering what all the fuss was about.



One more stop, at the atrium within the Community Center, and some winterberry that has escaped the birds so far.



A quite beautiful morning.  Now, back to the cave to enjoy it from inside and with a cup of coffee.




  1. Bonnie Says:

    Beautiful shots on a beautiful morning!

  2. Pat Worley Says:

    Great stuff. I loved the narrative. I felt I was taking the walk with you! Stay warm!

  3. Bob Stevens Says:

    Though it’s cool here in FL, looking at the beauty you captured with your camera, makes me happy to be here. Nice to see it, and not have to bear it.
    Beautiful pics.

    Bob Stevens

  4. Jo Walter Says:

    You are a brave soul. Thank you for sharing your experience with those of us who cannot get out ,,,the images are lovely.

  5. Howard Richards Says:

    The seasons certainly bring their beauty and joy to us. We are fortunate to live on a planet that offers such a diverse climate , topography, fauna and flora.

  6. Linda Kamholz Says:

    Hey, Ralph, have to echo what Jo said — you’re a brave and hearty soul. Thanks for showing us what we missed!

  7. Mary Lou Webber Says:

    thanks for sharing nature at its coldest. love the pictures of winterberry branches. We have beauty all around our house too. Mary Lou

  8. Del Cannon Says:

    Did I see the Ralph reflection in the window pane? It sure is nice not to have to dig, dig, dig.

  9. Jenn Says:

    Bob says it best for me, nice to see and not have to bear it. But I DO have to bear it! Still, pretty to look at — from the inside.
    Thanks for braving it.

  10. denisebushphoto Says:

    As others have said … thanks for taking us along on your walk. I especially like the green house window … so cold on the outside but life is blooming on the inside! A good subject for a haiku!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      I went there thinking about a shot looking out from but there wasn’t a good setup. Got hooked on the icicles and then saw the window shot. Went back the next morning to try the icicles again with better near focus but…they were gone. The Haiku challenge?

      Reveling in warmth
      Worried about the cold world
      Pray the heater holds

  11. Cheryl Herrmann Says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely walk and how beautiful the snow looks as it freshly falls and sticks to the ground. I am not a fan of the slushy snow nor the slippery roads I experience now so a reminder of the beauty can keep this in perspective.

  12. Debbie Lux Says:

    Thanks Mr. Berglund, I missed those icicles on the greenhouse. The white flowers are Lobularia “Snow Princess”. I moved them away from the window yesterday because there are a few bees in the greenhouse. They would have an easier time feeding if there weren’t
    smashed on the glass.

  13. MikeP Says:

    Well thanks for the inspiration… after 3 neighbors driveways and my own I also ventured out to the bogs. The light was just wonderful… the temps not so much!!! Your 1st shot of the roof snow is not to be missed. I like the curves and the sky. I have been waiting for ice patterns but each time it gets cold enough… it snows. Thanks for leading the way :-0

  14. Rich Lewis Says:

    I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. I really like this set but the photograph with the inside and outside plants is really wonderful. One of my favorites by you.

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