We’re not gonna see this stuff in July.  Just sayin’.

It certainly has not been a nice winter and I’m looking forward to the Philadelphia Flower Show followed by spring.  But, to stay in the cave day after day is not good either.  A couple of weeks ago we escaped to two favorite antique malls in Redbank.  After antiquing we watched the ice boats and related hardy types enjoying life on the adjacent Navesink River.  These boats are said to be the fastest wind-driven sport craft, easily capable of 50 mph and, if the wind’s right, up to 100 mph.  On my bucket list along with kite-surfing.

Image 01


I recently returned to Island Beach State Park, still in search of the Snowy Owls.  I failed again: not even a flash of white feathers as I scanned over the dunes.  Full stomachs dictating naps in the branches?  There were, however, several foxes on the dole.  They actually emerge from the brush when they hear a car approaching.  Here’s Freddy, again.

Image 03


And another snowy beach scene.

Image 04


Back home I’ve been playing with the contrast between the indoor flowering houseplants and the cold bleakness of winter.  Herewith one of my columneas, happy to be inside.

Image 02


On a recent snowing day (one of too many this winter) I was drawn to the same kind of contrast between a constant spring inside and bitterness outside.  The falling snow, however, is one of winter’s best features so I tried to capture a sense of it here, to be reviewed on a 98° day next August.


On yet another morning we were having a winter mix of snow, sleet and rain.  Yeah, a really nice morning.  But, there was some lemonade to be made.  I was caught by the buildup of sleet at the bottom of a window being pac-manned as it were by the rain drops sliding down the window.  Would I hang this one in the living room?  I doubt it but it’s interesting.

Image 05


Don’t go away depressed by winter.  There’s always color in Marty Lou’s greenhouse.

_MG_8140 crop


21 Responses to “WINTER HERE AND THERE”

  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    Nice images, Ralph. Glad to see you’re out and taking photos.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Ken. I’ve been in awe of your western trip images, almost too much to assimilate but I see you’ve put them on your web site and I intend to get there for an overall review.

  2. larryalyons Says:

    Ralph, Just terrific images. Loved the video too. You certainly took advantage of this winter being a winter.

  3. Joanna Patterson Says:

    Loved your photos Ralph. Ice sailing looks incredible, but image going 50-100 mph in that cold? Wow, one would have to very hardy for sure. Love the cute little fox. I did finally get down to IBSP looking for both foxes and snowy owls, Foxes, no problem: Snowy owls not so easy. Saw one at a distance on a high sand dune, but getting closer for a shot? Nothing doing! Nice beach shot and great to be inside with the greenary looking out.

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Very nice photos Ralph. I really like the snow on the beach.

  5. jo Ann Morris Says:

    Ralph, Your snowy day at the beach is achingly beautiful. Keep shooting and sharing ….maybe we’ll make it through this winter, yet.

    Jo Ann

  6. Susanne Says:

    Great photos Ralph! Thanks for showing us the beauty of winter!

  7. Rich Lewis Says:

    Great stuff as usual Ralph. Your photographs and words express it all.

  8. Terry Wilson Says:

    Ice sailing… never knew such a thing existed! Thanks for the snow memories!

  9. MikeP Says:

    Bummer… I have had the worst luck in shooting those ice boats… between work and weather… ugghhh. Glad to see you got out there… love your snow dune and ice window shots. The vid is a really nice touch…. I even tried to turn up the volume 🙂

  10. denisebushphoto Says:

    Fun set of images Ralph. I used to work in Red Bank and my boss belonged to the ice boat club there. They don’t get to use them every year but I’m sure they made up for it this year. Freddy seemed a bit more cooperative on this day allowing you a very nice capture! I really like the sleet on the window too!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, D. “A fun set” is a nice characterization. Yeah, Freddy was being “Good dog.” But he saw something and my next frame shows his right front foot throwing up snow and his left one in the air as he took off.
      The sleet and the greenhouse were pop-ups in the head.
      I enjoyed taking them all.

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