I recently passed a nice anniversary.  My first blog post was on February 10, 2009 so this past February marked five years of blogging.  Encouraged by colleagues Denise Bush and Terry Wilson I jumped into the WordPress world and, suddenly, it’s five years later.  I’ve enjoyed it very much.  I’d always wanted to write and the blog gave me an opportunity less intimidating than a book or even an essay although there has been at least one of those*.  Serendipitously, the blog has been a place to display some of my photography which, in turn, has provided a raison d’etre for the writing.  What a happy fit.

On the photography face of the coin here’s a recent image.  These are about 8″ tall and I used to have to lie down to shoot them horizontally.  That’s become too demanding so I have a new toy called the CamRanger.  It plugs into the camera and transmits the camera’s view and settings to my Samsung tablet so I can focus, adjust the other settings and take the shot while standing or sitting comfortably nearby.  Ahhh, technology.

_MG_8691 640


Writing has been a demanding Muse.  First comes the anxiety of not having posted for a while; then there’s the anxiety of what to write about; finally there’s the anxiety of whether what I’ve written is worthwhile.  I may start out holding on to a steeeep slope but as I get going it always seems to evolve such that I feel good about it.  My recent Hawaii travelogue was one such post … today we went here and then we went there etc.  But, it evolved comfortably for me.  I’m reminded of bird carvers who say, “The bird was inside the block; I just had to cut away the rest of the wood.”    This post on the other hand has been fermenting and has rolled out easily.  For any post a first draft eventually appears but then it is a process of review-correct-add-change, and then do it again.  Each post gets reviewed and tweaked several times and yet, amazingly, I’ll reread an old post and find a typo or grammatical error.

The stats?  166 posts by the anniversary date (four more since then), over 900 images along with five audio clips, a short poem (The First Beach Nap of Summer),  a handful of videos, and over 32,000 views.  About 5% of those have come from seventeen foreign countries across all continents except Antarctica. My colleagues have had more views but my count is probably because the blog is more of a journal than a pure photography blog.

My all-time most popular post is Selected Beach and Sea Images With Sound Accompaniment   That surprised me but also pleased me since I have such a bond with the sea.  Two others that continue to draw readers are Charleston and the Low Country, and The 18th and 19th Century Fairmont Park Houses.   Both of those lost out, however, to my three-post series on Hurricane Sandy, which drew a broad audience because of its news nature and its fearsome effects.

I find (and confess) that I enjoy my own work; I frequently scroll through old posts and re-enjoy a phrase or a sentence or paragraph.  Who among us is without some narcissism?  From time to time I’ll copy some of that and save it in a special folder which might …might … yield a book one of these days, of selected images and comments.  Anyway, it’s been fun and satisfying and I hope to keep cranking them out.  As long as I don’t run out of film …  or words.


Thanks for reading this!  How about a closing image?


_MG_8692 crop 600


*  The one essay that I wrote is included as a page (tabs at the top of the home page) rather than as a general post, and I originally only circulated it to some of my photography buddies, seeking their thoughts.  It had to do with coming to terms with my disappointment with what I was shooting.  It’s entitled A Photography Phunk – An Essay.


22 Responses to “FIVE YEARS OF BLOGGING”

  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    Keep ’em coming, Ralph.

  2. MikeP Says:

    I find your blogging inspiring to say the least… from your WP workshop you mentioned “why do you take photographs” and your answer has always stuck. You explained “do you want share your work or just let it sit in an album or on a hard drive” I chose to share, thanks to you and Denise’s help. Congrats to the big 5 milestone and to another perfect line “the bird was inside the block….”.

  3. Season Bonner Says:

    Ralph, I look forward to your delightful prose and photos. You write in such a way that people (especially me) can relate to your emotions. How interesting that you “confess” to enjoying your own prose and “re-enjoying” it at a later time. I certainly can relate to that! So, please keep it up for many more years.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Season. So nice to have someone reading it who enjoys it and relates to it. I feel as though I just met you last fall and I regret that it hasn’t been longer.

  4. Pat Peacock Says:

    Ralph, I so enjoy your posts. They are candid, fresh and honest. I find them a joy to read and always end up little more relaxed when I am through!

  5. gordon brummer Says:

    Ralph, Congratulations. As relative newcomers to the blog we enjoy the posts a great deal. By the way, Sally and I are without narcissism, and it’s well deserved.

  6. Rich Lewis Says:

    Congratulations Ralph on 5 years. As much as you have enjoyed it, we have enjoyed reading your well crafted tales of your adventures in photography.

  7. Bob Stevens Says:

    Lots of talent on display, Ralph. Exquisite photography, and a very fine way with words. Always a delight to see/read.

    Bob Stevens

  8. larryalyons Says:

    Congratulations on your five years of blogging. Your honesty on the efforts and anxieties of drafting and completing all of your posts and preparing all of your images is actually an inspiration to me.It reconfirms the effort that is involved. I am just approaching my first year with my photoblog and I can only hope that my success will approach your success when I reach five years.

    Keep on blogging.

  9. fiebs Says:

    Congrats on reaching the five-year mark, Ralph. Keep carving! And yes, write that book!!!

  10. denisebushphoto Says:

    Congratulations Ralph! I am so happy that I encouraged you to blog 5 years ago, especially because you have enjoyed it so much. And I have really enjoyed all of your photos and posts. I don’t think I have missed a one!

  11. Ralph Berglund Says:

    Thanks for helping get it started. It’s been a lot of work but a lot of fun and personal satisfaction. I don’t think I’ve missed one, either.

  12. Sartenada Says:

    I started my blogging in October 2009.

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