….. on the dock with a coffee … watching the boats leave for the races … Bobby and Sigrid crewed yesterday on the A-cat, Spyder … three races, three wins … Maddie and Gretchen take their places today … but, no pressure ……

Image 01


….. powering out to the sailing grounds … a glorious morning but no wind … becalmed … waiting …


Image 04


….. finally, some wind, and the sails go up …


Image 02


….. later, on the beach … hot sun … a nice breeze from the southeast … watching others sunning, playing, surfing … sand castles and sand pits with futile embankments against the tide … the umbrella’s shade feels good … the buzz of others enjoying the afternoon … watching the sanderlings flit about … reading a book … nattering with passing friends … the inevitable beach nap, a fade from this view …


Image 03


….. the freshening shower … the freshening ice-cold Gin and Tonic … some dinner … back to the beach for the Supermoon … lots of chatty people there to see it … underwhelming …  but a striking reflection …


Image 05


….. where did you go today? … out …what did you do? … nothing ……… and what a pleasant day it was …



24 Responses to “SUMMER DAYS….SUMMER DAYS”

  1. MikeP Says:

    Well I got up around 3am to reach a photo vista… no easy task (getting up). Came back had breakfast and your post awaited me in my WP browser. I have now learned 3 words and wished I was at the shore. Thanks for keeping me in the loop from back home in both locution and wonderful pics.

  2. eajackson Says:

    Just reading an looking at the images I felt a calm come over me. The last one is especially beautiful.

  3. Bruce Rosborough Says:

    Amen . . .

  4. Bonnie Says:

    What a beautiful day!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Bonnie. I loved your image of the fishing pier and the cloud-mottled moon. I think it was better than a bare moon. BTW, I used to play on that jetty in your image’s foreground when I was a kid in Margate. In those days it wasn’t covered with sand.

  5. denisebushphoto Says:

    The one with the five sailboats is especially nice. I like the way the boats and lovely clouds both recede. The last one is interesting and a good idea I think you could explore even more with different versions. You’ve shown that a moon shot doesn’t have to have the moon in it and this is a nice change as well as a way of working with the moon when it is high and very bright. Kudos!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, D. Yes, I think the sailboats is a “Liker,” and I framed for that effect. That was all five of the A-cats that came down for the weekend regatta. As to the moon shots, I really wasn’t particularly impressed with any of mine except those with the reflection, rocks and spray and no moon. Go figure.

  6. Rich Lewis Says:

    What a day and you got the photos to prove it. I love the sail boats and your take on the Super Moon. How many moon rises do we need to photograph before we start to experiment. I’m glad you did.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Rich. I can’t claim it as a pre-planned experiment. I was just messing around after the moon had climbed too high to include the foreground, and I noticed the reflections as the wavelets moved in and out.

  7. larryalyons Says:

    Ralph, Thanks for a nice and relaxing Summer day at the beach.

  8. Del Cannon Says:

    It looks like it will be hard to pry you and the family away from the shore. Wish I could share some of that ocean air. I was thinking today that August in Florida is very earthy: Wet, Hot, and Humid. Mushroom country.

  9. Jeanne Says:

    I particularly like the surf with the surfer in the background — and especially the sand, well used.

  10. Jenn Says:

    You had to get there earlier to see the really “neatness” of the supermoon — when it was bigger, lower over the water. Still a pretty reflection, and a wonderful recount of a “nothing” day. Those are great.
    Thanks for keeping the camera with you to record your nothing.

  11. fiebs Says:

    As always, Ralph, your images & written words are equally appealing. I agree with Denise’s comment about the sailboats and the parallel in the clouds. Quite striking. Also absolutely love the last line: “….. where did you go today? … out …what did you do? … nothing ……… and what a pleasant day it was …” Ahhh.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Fiebs. You’re one of those for whom such things as the last line are written. Obviously, I lifted it, but I made it mine with the last phrase. Your thoughts on the stream of consciousness delivery? no caps (apologies, e.e.) and ellipsis to indicate a pause in thinking. My freshman year English teacher would have shredded it.

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