I was asked to provide a picture for a forthcoming auction party that benefits the Medford Leas Arboretum, and flowers were suggested.  I reviewed my file of flower pictures and came up with a few candidates.  This one seemed right to me for spring color.


Image271Tulips in Amsterdam 800


I’ve always been fond of it because of the bunching together of all those colors.  And, it has a history.  On a 2004 waterways cruise of Holland and its bulbs and bulb places we wound up in Amsterdam for a couple of days.  We lunched one day at an outdoor cafe right across the street from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s principal art museum, which was our post-luncheon destination.

Image265.5 The Rijksmuseum 640


That bowl of tulips was on a table at our cafe, and its picture came home with me.  Since then I’ve sold a few copies of it and it graces my own walls in (where else) my garden room.  So, now, what to do with it.  I’m still feeling the effects of Karen Messick’s presentation at the Photo Bash a week ago (see the previous post below).  Her subject was impressionism.  I’ve ventured there a few times but it is now to be a more frequent destination.  So, I brought the tulips into Photoshop and fired up Topaz’s filter program, Impression.  After some work and experimenting here is the result which I printed on canvas to enhance the effect:


Image271Tulips in Amsterdam I Impression 800


With a white frame and a royal blue mat the canvas is beautiful.

Sigh…in love again.  I might have to bid on it myself.



  1. Ken Sichel Says:

    Ralph…..Great work…..I love it also….Ken

  2. Bonnie Says:

    A photo that makes me happy! Well done!

  3. Gene Ann Hook Says:


  4. Linda Kamholz Says:

    After the winter we’ve had, we all need some springtime images to remind us of what’s coming. I haven’t used that specific Topaz filter yet, but your image is certainly a good advertisement for its use — love it, Ralph!

  5. Rich Lewis Says:

    It’s nice to see you dabbling in Topaz Impression. I’ve also decided to finally take the time to see what it can and cannot do. I love what you did with this photograph. The effect of the Impression plugin is quite subtle but it is applied in a way where the finished image becomes more about the color and less about the flowers.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks Rich. I’m still a little disconcerted at making a photograph look like art but I’ve gotten over feeling guilty about other kinds of sin so….

      BTW, the garden photographer who spoke at Medford Leas last Saturday included a pitch for iphoneography. You would have enjoyed it.

  6. denisebushphoto Says:

    A beautiful and very vibrant tulip image! I like it both ways.

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