My friend, Fog, showed up again.   I haven’t seen him for about a year and a half.  He’s probably been skulking here and there but not in front of my camera until last Saturday.  That afternoon I drove to the shore for an overnight getaway.  As I left the mainland at Manahawkin  the temperature dropped and the fog appeared.  The Ocean County Sheriff’s office had been warning about this, and they were right.  I dumped Pearl at the house and headed to the beach.  Here was the scene at about 5:30.

Image 01


It was still light enough to see what was happening but the approaching mists were clearly on the way.  Just to the left of this walkway leading to the beach I was also welcomed by blooms of bayberry.  I don’t remember seeing this profusion before.  They were enjoying the moisture of the mists.

Image 02


As the evening progressed the mists crept further into the town, bringing the usual mystery, silence, and dimmed lights.  There is no motion as though the mist absorbs anything that dares move.  I wonder as I write this about the connection between the words mist and mystery.  It’s there.  Later, the view through one of the windows brings out the same feelings.

Image 06


At the docks at the foot of the street the fog had also taken charge.  Nothing moved here either except some shimmer.  Even the in-residence Purple Martins were anxious and just hanging out on their perches.

Image 07


The next morning the drive to Fred’s Diner was a matter of cleaving through the fog.  At Fred’s there was breakfast and life.  Friends reappeared,  my last view of them having been on Labor Day.  Materialization from the fog?  No, snap out of it.


After breakfast, a drive south to the tip of Holgate on the edge of the wildlife refuge.  First sight was this sentinel, also a residue of last year.

Image 03


The jetty there was taking a beating.

Image 04


Down on the sand, the swells were impressive.

Image 05


On the other side of the jetty the dampened swells provided only a modest challenge to this young boy, ready for a day on the beach and the fog be damned..

Image 10



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10 Responses to “A SPRING FOG”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Beautiful shots Ralph. I love the shore in the spring, especially when there is fog. It sets such and amazing atmosphere.

  2. larryalyons Says:

    Fogs skulking! Love your write-up and delightful images.

  3. Claire Winward Says:

    Ralph, I hope you lit the fireplace and had a comforting drink in hand! Beautiful scenes and words…see you soon! Hugs, Claire

  4. MikeP Says:

    Fog … definitely a good companion. Weather just drives me outdoors as I see it does you. That gull and jetty came out perfectly!!!

  5. Ralph Berglund Says:

    Thanks, Mike. Yes, I look at some of these and wonder how they came out so perfectly focused and stand-out bright.

  6. denisebushphoto Says:

    Super post… it makes me miss the shore already!

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