Oh, it’s a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
And I haven’t got time for the waiting game.


Image 13


I get it … I get it.   Summer’s slipping away.  Fall is flexing its muscles.

The juvenile gulls are screeing for Mom to feed them, wondering what happened to the dole.

Each evening the sun slowly sneaks a little bit further south.  I’m watching you, sun, and I know where you’re going;  I’ll catch up with you again in January at Sanibel.  Meanwhile, the mornings can be hoody but the days are still hot to balmy.  The last-of-the-season vacationers have gone from the Bagel Shack every morning.  The Shack also put up plastic curtains around its outside eating area to ward off the early morning chill.

There are pumpkins and potted chrysanthemums at the Acme.

After the reds of sunrise the early morning photons are mostly yellow.  They paint the marshes, enhancing the glow the grasses have worked all summer to achieve.

The old Great Blue Heron basks in the copse on nearby Mordecai Island. I look at him thru the binoculars and see him looking back at me. He’s got the early morning sun; I’ve got the coffee; neither would trade.


Nor would I trade for the summer experience.

From a post four years ago:

“Summer afternoon – summer afternoon …. the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

Henry James.


With family and friends it was a good summer.  Here are some memories:


Image 03

The annual Twilight Sail – one of the best events of the summer.


Image 04

Even on cloudy days the beach is still a place to be.


 Image 05

Storms are part of summer, indeed, of life, and they bring their own drama and stark beauty.


 Image 06

In mid-August part of the A-cat fleet arrived for the Downbay Regatta weekend.  Always exciting, and seven of them this year.


 Image 07

Summer brings fog as well, drawing me to …. where?


 Image 08

One day, friends arrived for lunch!?!


Image 09

Our captain, Jenn, for the twilight sail.


Image 10

Nobody to protect.


On Labor Day afternoon the guards went off duty at the usual 5:00PM.  As they climbed the dune to leave the beach they turned, blew a long whistle and waved goodbye.  Those still holding tightly onto the sand and summer waved back.  I’m told this is customary in order to warn all that the beach protection was off duty.  On this day, however, marking the season’s end for the guards as well, it was poignant.


Image 14

The day after summer.


Image 02

Shucks, I guess the season’s over.

I closed with this image a couple of years ago.  I’m reusing it because it’s perfect for the mood.*



*There’s also a techy note about using Nik’s Tonal Contrast on this image  The note is on one of the tabs at the top of this post.


28 Responses to “SEPTEMBER SONG”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Wonderful photos as always. I love the waves in the Day After Summer shot. Already looking forward to next year!

  2. Joe perno Says:

    Love these Images Ralph. Too hard to pick a Fave. they all are.

  3. Nancy Denmark Says:

    Fabulous pictures!!

  4. Jay Says:

    Ralph…….you’re the best….your photographic and commentary reminders of the treasures we share are so much appreciated! Thanks again!

  5. Jenn Says:

    Thank you for this selected synopsis of such a wonderful summer.
    It is always a joy to see you with your camera, knowing that you will have captured a piece of our season, that you will be able to remind us later, and make us smile in the remembering.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thank you, Jenn. Your comment makes me feel special and I appreciate it. Again, as I replied to Jay’s comment, those of us who grew up at the shore are much more sensitive and responsive to it. (And thanks for not tipping us.)

  6. Kathleen Lapergola Says:

    Awesome images Ralph!!!

  7. Rich Lewis Says:

    What I love about your blog is the way the words and images work together to make an interesting story. It’s kind of like reading a magazine article except I know the author and the photographer. Keep it up!!!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Rich. I work at it. It’s a little easier if one has accumulated a nice inventory of images. This post, however, still underwent about thirty revisions including removing candidate images over a week and a half. Still, one of the images was captured the day before I posted.

  8. Henry Says:

    Thanks Ralph …. Gretchen put your “summer afternoon” on our bulletin board …. It’s covered in glass for posterity …. Pictures are magnificent … Thank you

  9. Kitten Says:

    beautiful pictures of a glorious summer, thank you !

  10. Mary Lou Webber Says:

    As usual you capture the tone,mood, And beauty of the shore. This was our third family August in Stone Harbor, NJ. Our children expressed their feelings and appreciation beautifully: the 6 months following August they talk of the greatness of the time together, and the next 6 months they anticipate the upcoming August! Mary Lou Webber

  11. Says:

    Your September Song in photos Is so very bittersweet beautiful,You are a photographer-equivalent of Frank Sinatra.
    Keep clicking, you are such a big part of the LBI story.

    Stay well and in touch,
    Jo Ann

  12. Ralph Berglund Says:

    Thank you, Mary Lou. Yeah, tone and mood.
    For years Barbara has hosted her family at the shore every other year; eighteen coming next July. They all celebrate by creating a photo album each summer, and all the albums are reviewed at every gathering

  13. Kim Says:

    As always, great stuff Ralph! Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.

  14. fiebs Says:

    Lovely send-off to summer…#3 and #4 are my faves.

  15. MikeP Says:

    Very well written send off to your summer refuge… the bird houses, fences and especially the last one embody your place at the shore.

  16. Ralph Berglund Says:

    Thanks for visiting, Mike. Surprised to hear of your resignation from the board. You’ll be missed.

  17. Wendy Sleicher Says:

    ThSinks for sharing. I really enjoyed this…putting a lot of feeling into words and pictures!

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