I finally got off of the beach.  Fall was clearly a fact and I felt the need to explore and enjoy it.

Image 07


This is the famous Chrysanthemum Mountain planted annually at Ott’s Nursery in Schwenksville, PA.  This used to be a destination on a fall Sunday drive with the family, and it’s still an amazing and entertaining site.  The scene is dominated by a gigantic greenhouse of Victorian, Moorish lines.  The adjacent store is of field-stone construction with windows with diamond mullions suggesting old Europe.  Here, the mountain can be seen reflected in one of the windows.

Image 08




  I had seen a couple of Facebook posts by photo-friend Ken Curtis of a place called Ken Lockwood Gorge.  It looked great and was only an hour and a half away so off I went.  I didn’t (have to) explore very much of it to enjoy the views.

Image 01


I found it hard to believe that I was still in New Jersey, thinking Vermont along the gorge.  These scenes also brought to mind past mentors such as Kurt Budliger, Joe Rossbach, Ian Plant and Richard Bernabe.

Image 03


Other scenes also made my camera squirm with excitement.  You’ve got to give them their head once in a while.

Image 02




But don’t forget what Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home … There’s no place like  … There’s no  ………  “

Even without a decent pair of ruby slippers I found fall near home.  This scene is by a tiny falls on Sharps Run on the Yellow Trail at Medford Leas.  The stream had carried these leaves along to the falls’ edge where they were hung up.  The small current, then, just swirled around them.

Image 04


Along the Red Trail I found these Viburnum berries pretending to be Holly, a worthwhile effort.

Image 05


Finally (and what triggered this post) I sat down early in my sun room with a morning coffee and wake-up music.  As the sun worked its way above the eastern campus there was a magical interval of soft red and yellow light.  Though still in my bathrobe I managed to get out and photograph it and return before Campus Security was called by any neighbors.  What a great start to the day!

Image 06


29 Responses to “SCENES OF FALL”

  1. Rich Lewis Says:

    Thanks for sharing all the fall colors. I always overlook the things like the flowers and the other little details being so attracted to the trees. I love your take on the Ken Lockwood Gorge too. I went through there not long after you and saw it very differently. It’s great when artists with different visions visit the same place.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, Rich. I was impressed with the gorge and your work there as well. I was ready to go back a week later but life got in the way. We need to wait for next fall. There are still photo-ops, however, with the rushing water and the stones and fallen leaves.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Beautiful shots. I love the reflection in the window. I often wonder when we have a beautiful fall season as we have had this year,if the winter will be extra severe.

  3. Ken Curtis Says:

    Beautiful photos, Ralph. I am glad that you got to the gorge for a few photos. I never got back there are peak color and your photos made me wish I had tried harder. As always, I enjoy your writing.

  4. Elaine Barton Says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful tour of the fall plantings and foliage. How much I enjoyed starting my day with these photos and your prose.

  5. denisebushphoto Says:

    Nice post Ralph! I really like the composition of your Ken Lockwood Gorge shot with the dark tree bending over the water.

  6. Bruce Says:

    Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder . . . especially if his camera has a mind of its own . . . Thanks for sharing. We all have much for which to be thankful.

  7. Skip Vandegrift Says:

    Wonderful !

  8. Linda Colgan Says:

    As beautiful as any fall photographs I’ve ever seen and, as always, I enjoy your commentary that goes along. Thank you for sharing your artistry!

  9. Bob Williams Says:

    Very nice Ralph!

  10. Jeanne Says:

    My favorite time for the trees. Truly painted by God or at least someone as great and with a wonderful sense of color. And you catch it perfectly. Thanks for the Falling Leaves, not yet fallen. They are soooo pretty.

  11. Al Migdal Says:

    wonderful compositions, great clarity

  12. Sally Vennel Says:

    Lovely Photos, Ralph. I am a whole season behind. Hope you inspire me. Sally

  13. Claire Says:

    Ralph, Ott’s Nursery is very special! I was there with friends last year – a tribute to one man’s vision. Reading comments from so many friends inre: your “eye”, your artistry, I’m touched in so many ways with your “eye” and artistry. – thanks for including me. Happy Holidays and I’m sure we’ll meet next summer. Claire

  14. MikeP Says:

    Ahhhh… tis the season… and a big fav of mine. Leaves, water and reflections, it’s like a drug. Love your explorations as it is photographers like yourself that keep me grounded in the art.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Mike. No broken windows but……..
      Enjoyed visiting with you last night at Deptford. Made me wish you and Larry and I could have zoned out for a beer and chatter. One of these days.

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