Sigh, it is.  I’ve said it before but endless summer isn’t.  I moved to the beach mid-June and had the whole summer ahead of me.  But that was then, and now it’s August.  Actually, things don’t change that much.  Gregg Whiteside on WRTI tells me every morning that the day’s going to be another two minutes less of sunshine.  Two minutes a day I can deal with, and I’ve still got two months before I have to return to the Old Folks Farm.

The beach and the bay still beckon, whether a perfect day or one with a stiff wind out of the west with whitecaps.  Here’s the view we’ve enjoyed looking west from Barb’s place in Holgate this summer.



Sunrise at the “new” beach?  Priceless.  The reclamation project is pretty much done at the southern end of LBI, with some fine tuning such as gravel walkways over the new dunes.  The scene below is from the parking lot at the end of Holgate.  The beach chair occupant?  He’s the over-night guardian to protect us from the replenishment pipes and equipment on the other side of the dune.




By early July the project had extended this dune to cover the old wooden jetty that bordered the surfing beach at the beginning of the Forsythe Refuge.   The dredges at sea pumped tons of sand sludge onto the beach, and dozers such as this one moved it as the Corps of Engineers had decreed.  This took me back to my Sea Bee days.

Farewell to the jetty and also to the surfing beach because the jetty had created the surf.  Sic transit gloria.



Being a photographer at the beach summer after summer is challenging;  where’s the new scene or the new perspective?  Well, you have to keep your eyes and your head open and hope you’ll luck out once in a while.  Here’s one that surprised me.   Sitting on Barb’s deck at sunset I noticed the bay’s reflection in the windows of the house next door, and I loved it.  Even more when I developed it and discovered that the undulations in the window glass had created a rolling sea on the quiet bay surface.



Another surprise grab shot was this scene.  I had gone to the beach to photograph a post-storm rainbow.  Beautiful? Yes.  Impressive? Sort of.  But, (yawn) another rainbow on the beach.  When I turned around and climbed the dune to return, however, here was a reminder of how narrow this sandbar is on which we live.  I’m on the beach dune and one can see the end of the street at the bay, only 1900′ away.  Composition Guideline:  always look behind you after you’ve taken your shot.



My favorite summer event is the Twilight Sail.  This year some heavy duty thunder storms were smashing the mainland so Barb and I demurred.  I felt it confirming when our Fleet Captain also declined.  Anyway, four vessels took off for the edge of the world, including our now Beach Haven resident A-cat, Ghost (the taller mast below).  They all returned safely.

I was impressed with the blue world into which they were sailing.  Made me think of a colleague’s photography business, Twilight Blue Photography.  (No charge, Pat.)



Well, so what if it’s August.  Summer’s still here and I’m stickin’ around, too.

Here was the month’s first sunset;  Well Done August!



22 Responses to “WHADDYA MEAN IT’S AUGUST???”

  1. Rich Lewis Says:

    As always Ralph, thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable few minutes spent with your blog. I’m learning to tell a story with my photographs and you seem to be able to stitch one together so easily. By the way, the reflection photograph… Great!!! I love it when a good photographer sees something special and records it. Also, I agree that August is off to a great start based on your last photograph. That is one stunning sunset!!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Rich. I always am interested in your insights. BTW, it’s easier to create a “story” when you’re working with images of different events/subjects. It’s harder to create a story about different views of the same subject. although one could be talking about e.g. composition, perspective, lighting…………

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Beautiful shots. Love the reflection in the window!

  3. Jay Cranmer Says:

    Thanks Ralph………you do know how to capture the beauty around us……..and your commentary is equal to your prowess with the lens.

  4. Bob Morris Says:

    Thanks Ralph great photos and interesting commentary

  5. Andrea Pilling Says:

    Ralph, beautiful as always!

  6. larryalyons Says:

    Thanks for the reminder to get away from my computer and get out and enjoy the rest of the summer. You are so right, Endless Summer it is not. The sunset is my favorite.

  7. Jane Says:

    Lovely as always!

  8. Gretchen Says:

    Glad you’ve agreed to still stick around grandpa. Great idea to always look behind you after a shot. Love these shots and this post.

  9. Ellen Rumpp Says:

    So glad I took a break from work to enjoy your beautiful photographs. Keep shooting!! regardless of the months.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      How nice, Ellen. Always glad to help people avoid work since I don’t do any anymore. I feel as though we didn’t get to visit at all last week which now seems an eternity ago.

  10. eajackson Says:

    Wonderful summer tale. Your story telling with the photos are so interesting. Certainly a different and unique view. See you in September.

  11. Joseph Perno Says:

    Great shots Ralph. I’m gonna miss the Jetty. That’s my spot. Live the beach there and watching the Surfers. What to do now ?!?!?

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