WHERE MY CAMERA TAKES ME III – Scenes from here and there.

This post is low on chatter (probably good) and long on miscellaneous images.  Every day-trip is not a photo workshop but we can bring home images that are nice and that jump out of the hamper when reviewing past trips, clamoring for their moment on the web.


Fall is many things.  As with winter, and in contrast with spring and summer, most of fall is more striking and dramatic.  Contributing factors are the clarity that low humidity brings, and the power of stately cumulus clouds.  Add these to the red hulls of the Larson fishing fleet at Long Beach Island’s Viking Village and you have a classic fall scene.



Fall is seasonal shapes and colors.
Here’s a table full of them at Russo’s farm market in Tabernacle.



Fall is color, presented here abundantly by the most prolific, colorful weed I can think of.



Fall is a time of special weekends, for art and craft shows and for people festivals for one reason or another.  It’s almost as though we sense the gradual fading of the daily light and the impending arrival of the cold and we want to dance and celebrate while we can.  (We are already at less than 12 hours of sun daily.)

My camera took me to one such festival at the Philadelphia Seaport.  While there I was taken with all of the lines of the 1901 tall ship Gazela.  There were men doing some kind of maintenance up there and I thought I even heard Captain Bligh scolding them.



Two nearby ships provided contrasts between the three;  the seventy-three year-old New Jersey and the twenty year-old Ben Franklin vs. the 115 year-old Gazela.



And, as long as I’m talking about boats, here’s another from the Larson fleet in a dreamier presentation.



One more from the boat files.  This is left over from my spring trip to Tangier Island, cropped to emphasize the ripple reflections.



Getting back to fall scenes, here’s a dewy web in early morning warm light.  I guess the maker knows how to get in there for a snack if it comes along.  Colleagues: this was a four shot stacked image blend taken with a 100mm macro lens.



Finally, fall greatly enhances sunrises over the beach.  It’s that crystal clear air again plus those puffy clouds.   I had just gotten up when this scene smacked me in the face.  I previously posted this on Facebook but not everyone gets to see that work so here it is again.  The stunning feature here is the “shadows” created by the clouds, i.e. the darker blue that seems to be radiating from the clouds.  Equally strong is the back- and side lighting of the clouds.





“Oh, what a beautiful morning!”


Happy Fall, Y’all!



18 Responses to “WHERE MY CAMERA TAKES ME III – Scenes from here and there.”

  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    Great eye, Ralph. Enjoyed viewing your images.

  2. larryalyons Says:

    Ralph, What nn enjoyable set of images! My favorite is the pumpkin farm.

  3. denisebushphoto Says:

    Beautiful collection … happy fall!

  4. Marilyn Horner Says:

    All perfect Fall! M.

  5. Elaine Barton Says:

    What a wonderful eye you have to make turn the seemingly common place into awesome works of art. Thanks for sharing, as always,

  6. Season Bonner Says:

    I’ve been trying to take a shot like those pumpkins for years but they all looked daft. What a perfect shot. And that dreamy boat! Makes me want to have a bowl of ice cream.

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. eajackson Says:

    Happy Fall to you. Those clouds you captured at the Viking Village truly are classic. Wonderful to see your travels. Thanks you for sharing.

  8. Rich Lewis Says:

    Great post Ralph. I really enjoy reading and viewing your blog. Your photographs here show your keen eye for visually constructing an image.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Rich. The miscellaneous content leaves me a little more free for commentary. Your reference to constructing an image is on point. That’s what composition is about. The exception above is the Tangier boat and its reflections; that was a grab shot that popped out after development.

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