In preparing for a recent craft show appearance I came across this Christmas card which I made and sent eight years ago.  You people probably think this kind of thing is easy:  It’s not!  This one took an hour of negotiation and a bucket of fish before he’d cooperate.  And he insisted on retaining an interest in the image.


The original was made in Chincoteague.  I’ve always liked the image and I thought why should they disappear after one use.  So, I printed and framed it and I’m enjoying it on my wall for the holidays.  This also made me take a look at other past cards in the file, and I found that they, too, deserved another moment of fame.


A few years ago two friends from the yacht club were speculating one night (over wine, of course) about having a view of the club under a full moon.  It is reckless to say such things in the presence of a pixel machinist.  Things happen.


This was, admittedly, over the top but I think it was used that year sans Santa.  The moon shot was from a summer beach; the sheen from yet another.  I had photographed the tree in 2001 at Pittsburgh’s Winter Garden, and it enjoyed a life in many other alien scenes.  Perhaps the strangest was on the Holyoke Avenue jetty during a snow storm.  One friend, showing her confidence in us, asked Barbara if we had actually run an extension cord out on the jetty.  Of course we did.  🙂



But it also had a more tender moment standing by the old shack along the causeway onto Long Beach Island.  Sadly, both the shack and the tree left with Sandy.



That wreath around the heron’s neck has also had other assignments.  On a winter trip to the Catskills I found it floating in this stream.



In yet another year it served as a frame for my Box Hill home.



And here, decorating a race course marker under a guiding cormorant on the sailing grounds.



A couple of years ago I experimented with photographing the Milky Way. The LBI beach is not a dark sky location but I had fun and produced a couple of creditable images.  Then, come December, this image fell into my head and stayed there.



I once sent this picture to a friend, claiming it was evidence that Santa spent his summers at Beach Haven.  In the original he was surrounded by his pots of tomato plants.  She replied, “Oh, yeah, where’s the Christmas Tree?”  Wrong question as the revised picture showed.



I don’t always mess with the pixels.  Here is a scene in a hallway of the Melk Abbey in Austria.  I hope they had floor polishers, and that the nuns didn’t have to do that floor.



I’ve always loved this winter scene with its pictures of my family on the window seat at Box Hill.  Lots of eye-filling memories here.  Even some of those pictures had served as past Christmas cards, dating back to the last century.  Of the girls on the left, Maddy’s now out of college, and Gretchen will finish in 2017.  How did that all happen?



Finally, in recent years I’ve been sending out a montage of my year’s work and art and fun with photography.  Here it is for 2016.  You can see the thumbnails better in a larger version by clicking here.




Where would I be without my family and friends?

So, Merry Christmas and love to you,

and to all friends, Happy Holidays,

and “To All A Good Night”.




25 Responses to “CHRISTMAS CARDS PAST”

  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    Excellent photos and Photoshopping skills. Merry Christmas, Ralph. Hope it’s another good one.

  2. Caroline Says:

    Merry Christmas Ralph! Thanks for making all of OUR seasons bright! xx

  3. Rich Lewis Says:

    Merry Christmas to you Ralph and thank for this wonderful photographic foray into the holiday season. By the way, my wife still thinks that heron is actually wearing the wreath.

  4. Henry Says:

    Ralph ….. Thank you for always finding just the right picture and image for the time ….. I’m sure everyone on your distribution list looks forward to a quiet moment with your creations …. A very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year …….

  5. Jacki Says:

    Remembering Box Hill….. Merry Christmas Ralph and thank you for sharing your talent! Xox

  6. Bz Says:

    Nice ones of the past, but wonder why Santa or even the egret…hasn’t visited Medford Leas?

  7. Janet Says:

    Your creativity is always such a delight to enjoy, Ralph. Even more so seeing how you enjoy creating vignettes for the holiday season.

  8. Ann-Marie Woods Says:

    Egrets- you’ve had a few. Thanks for sharing them in a deft fun way. They broke the mold with you. Levity and fond memories added a little sparkle to the day. Best to you Ralph!

  9. Bonnie Lenhard Says:

    I love, love, love your work. Looking at your warm and wonderful pictures brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. Have a joyous Christmas and stay safe and well.

  10. Kirsten Sessinger Says:

    I’ve gotten quite misty eyed reading this… I think Box Hill’s living room shot got me. What an incredible body of work Dad. So so much for you to be proud of and rustle those feathers. Poignant, creative and of course always with that stellar humor of yours. I’m extremely proud of my Dad. Bravo. Brava!

  11. Jo Ann Morris Says:

    Ralph, you continue to amaze. Our best wishes for a happy, healthy and creatively productive 2017. I will turn 75 in Jan. and would love to be non-sugically photoshopped . Ho-ho-ho!
    Merry Christmas, Jo Ann Morris

  12. Claire Winward Says:

    Dear Ralph, Amazing gift you share with all of us! Merry Christmas,Happy New Year and keep on shooting those exquisite vignettes. Love ya, Claire

  13. Rolf Charlston Says:

    Bravo, Bergie, for fabulous photos! I especially appreciated the Melk Abbey on the Danube which I have visited twice. Frohliche Weihnachten! See you on the radio. Viking Rolfo

  14. denisebushphoto Says:

    A fun look back. Hope you had a good Christmas … best wishes for 2017!

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