One of my Christmas tchotchkes is a 3″ acrylic tree with flakes inside of it like those in a snow globe.  The flakes, however, are tiny squares (1/16″) of mylar of different colors in a clear viscous fluid.  When you shake it the flakes swirl around and gradually drift to the top of the space.  The kicker is that there is an LED thingy in the base which sequences through shining red, green, and blue light up into the acrylic tree and its sparkles.

It’s mesmerizing for a few minutes of meditation.  When I snapped out of it I wondered if it would make an interesting video.  The result is just below.

It only took a few shots to get what I was trying to achieve.  The editing, however, was a different story.  I have a version of CyberLink’s Power Director from three years ago which I’ve used for the occasional video in one of my posts.  So, I had to relearn that which required several visits to on-line forums to find out why this or that button didn’t appear or how to do this, that, or the other thing.  Then, I wanted a little background music and that took a while.  Then, I didn’t want the video to do a “More from…” my Vimeo account and that took a while.  Then …..

Well, setups and shooting/reshooting?  Maybe fifteen minutes.  All the relearning and editing?  Hours.

Anyway, it’s fun to exercise the brain, and I was pleased with the result.  Click on the white arrow below and enjoy a little meditation.  (Speakers on?)



  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    Very nicely done, Ralph. It was like watching fire – hard to stop watching.

  2. eajackson Says:

    I decided that you should have your own TV channel over the holidays. You know like the yule log station. It could be dubbed ” Holiday at Bergieland’s”

  3. Kirsten Sessinger Says:


  4. Janet H Says:

    It’s always intriguing to see through your eyes, Ralph. You see the beauty and fascination others (me) often miss. Keep up the wonderful work, Ralph.

  5. Rich Lewis Says:

    You are a man of many talents Ralph. Really neat presentation of a really cool tchotchke.

  6. denisebushphoto Says:

    Fun stuff … and an idea for a new blog … ‘Bergie’s Place … where everyday is Christmas”!

  7. Mary Lou Webber Says:

    Just viewed your Christmas video–a cheerful and beautiful musical vignette on this cloudy day (January 17).

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