With temperatures in the 80’s it hasn’t seemed totally like fall.  Yes, the leaves are turning and falling, and though the nights have been chilly many days have been short-sleeve days.  But, it’s coming.  Does this image confirm that?


The next image is old fall.  I captured it in 2009 at the Chittenden Reservoir north of U.S. 4 in Vermont.  It was one of several studies I made that day.  Originally the bottom of the image revealed the rock-strewn floor of the reservoir.  One had to work to appreciate the composition idea and so I was never completely satisfied with it.  Recently I wondered what the effect would be if I cropped it top and bottom parallel to the cloud bands.  Well, it now looks as though we’re peering out at it sideways through our bay window.  Interesting.


Upon returning from summer at the shore I discovered that I have a tenant.  He lives under my sundeck and comes out a couple times a day to munch on the clover.  I’ve read that he’ll hibernate in an earthen burrow.  As one who appreciates naps I wish him a pleasant winter.

Woody Woodchuck




Fall is most personified by foliage colors, and at least in our mid-Atlantic states world the color’s been a little slow this year.  Makes one look for the Saturation slider in Photoshop.  My F/C (friend and colleague) Elaine Walsh, recently posted on Facebook a nice fall scene of Ken Lockwood Gorge in north central Jersey.  I had seen work done there by F/C Ken Curtis and so journeyed there in 2015 and again last year.  It is an enchanting place to hike and/or to photograph.  I felt as though I were alongside a Vermont stream.  Be warned, however, there were only about six parking places.  Here’s one scene that came home with me.




——————–I don’t know if Linus van Pelt was right or not …. and you’re wondering, “Linus van Pelt???”….  but I give him credit for his conviction.  He believed that on Halloween the Great Pumpkin would rise from the pumpkin patch.

I may look over my shoulder on Halloween and maybe it’s wishful thinking, or maybe I’m just looking for my childhood which is wayyy back there.

But, I will also look extra hard if it’s the very rare Candy Corn sky.


 For a larger version of this click here.




I sometimes synthesize an image from others I have taken.   Some manipulation will be over-the-top obvious as in the case of the Candy Corn sky.  But some may not be as in the case of the opening image, the geese at sunset.  To clarify what I display and to help others with the techniques of the alterations I’ve added a Page entitled “How Was It Done?”  The Page will be listed alphabetically in the left margin of all posts.  The discussion of two of the above images can be seen by clicking here.








12 Responses to “FALL FINALLY FOUND US”

  1. Ken Curtis Says:

    Yes, happy fall, Ralph. The colors in the Ken Lockwood Gorge are not as good this year. I live about 2 miles from there and we have color in the woods behind us; however, we are also several hundred feet higher in elevation. Enjoy your fall time this year.

  2. Rich Lewis Says:

    Thanks for the help transitioning into fall, even though it’s the end of October and we all still dressed for the summer weather. I always feel that the Ken Lockwood Gorge is the gauge of fall colors in New Jersey. The rest of the state, outside of our Pine Barrens, seems to follow suit with what old Ken is up to.

  3. Season Bonner Says:

    I always admire and enjoy, not only your photographs with their accompanying descriptions, but also your discipline to create posts in a timely manner. I wish I could do that! I hope to see more of your fall images…its not over ’till its over Ralph.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Hi, Season. I haven’t seen you for a while and that’s my loss. Thanks for your kind comments. In re discipline in posting I find that I’m slowing down to about one a month. I think that correlates with shooting less … few to no field trips or work shops, and that correlates with feeling that I’ve seen most of the images. So far this year I think I’ve used three images that were not current, and I’ve never done that before. Think of it: jaded at 85. But, I’m still toting the camera and still looking for things and occasionally, there’s the jewel.

  4. denisebushphoto Says:

    Nice post Ralph! I love your first image of the fowl in flight and your woodchuck friend is very cute!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, De. I wasn’t too sure about the geese. They were flying over the sunflower field in August on Long Island and I just had to shoot, figuring I’d find something to do with it. Now that I’ve overlaid them on the sunset sky they’ll make it to a wall somewhere here in the townhouse. Yes, the woodchuck isn’t fall, per se, but I, too, think it’s cute

  5. eajackson Says:

    This was a fun read. Simply love the candy corn sky . Great blog and visual.

  6. Anna Auza Says:

    Lovely pictures and writing 🙂 Enjoyed to immerse into your adventure, thank you for sharing!

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