As color and light fade in nature’s seasonal transition other sources come to the rescue.  Peddler’s Village at Lahaska, PA has done a great job at this.  I deliberately arrived late afternoon so I’d be there when the lights were turned on.  It was a pleasant afternoon with a crisp wind blowing, lots of holiday merchandise to see, and families enjoying the scene.  It was a festival for phone cameras but when some noticed my tripod and camera I was asked if I would take their family picture.  Of course. One young woman even asked if she could pay me to do it.  Wow, a new alternative to my paper route.  In between such excitements I captured some scenes.  Here’s one example:


Another show for the season was the opening of the Electrical Spectacle show of lights in Philadelphia’s Franklin Square Park.  I have avoided their shows because the park is not convenient to mass transit.  This time, however, I forced myself:  the Patco High Speed line to 8th and Market and then only a ten minute walk to the park.  Here was my reward:


Continuing with holiday color, a couple of years ago I first noticed some glass boxes filled with LEDs.  I decided I could do that as well and so made three boxes for family and a friend  last Christmas which can be seen here.  I ran out of steam on the project so one didn’t get made for me.  This past fall at a craft show I saw some lanterns in which the clear glass sides had been replaced with colored glass and then the lantern had been filled with lights.  I had such a lantern and I had seen some striking glass on the Facebook page for Macie Art Glass and  managed to buy the last two pieces they had.  Here’s the result.


But nature’s work isn’t quite finished.  While having coffee in the sunroom one recent morning my eye was caught by sparkling in the nearby trees.  While I haven’t copied Morse code for years I made out that the signal was “Get your camera and get out here.”  The elves had hung diamonds in the trees.  Here’s one in which you can see the capture of the rising sun and the adjacent meadow and trees.  Thank you, nature.


And speaking of my sunroom I did some redecorating there this fall.  On a house tour last summer I was in the new home of an artist friend, Andrea P.  In her studio I saw a clever way to display smaller matted prints.  They were resting on narrow shelves which included a slot for the bottom edge of the mat, and a lip to further prevent slippage.  I learned that they had found them at Ikea, a perfect destination for this Swede so Barbara and I headed there and found them.  Typically for Ikea they have a weird name, Mosslanda, but they’re perfect for the job.  To top it off we brought home some Swedish meatballs with lingonberry preserves.

I planned out the wall and then Sigrid, my decorator among other things, amended my vision.  Then, as my back was feeling its age Sigrid did the heavy work to get the installation started and I finished the easy parts.  Add to that the upper wall of Beach Haven and Sanibel prints and I am content until spring.


Returning to nature’s compositions I recently walked out the front door and found the walkway blocked by a massive spider web.  It was anchored between a bush on the left, and the roof of the  garage about nine feet away.  The early sun was playing with the web strands and the morning dew.  Behind it, the fading color of some fall hydrangeas.  My compliments to the spider.


For my closing color I chose this piece of blown and molded glass.  I photographed this at the October Festival of Fine Crafts at Wheaton Arts.  This is an annual “must-attend” show for me as it is consistently a show of up-scale, quality craft work.  I think it’s the best that I attend anymore.

I thought others might enjoy this piece, the kind of thing my late wife, Marty Lou, used to call “a pretty”.




  1. Jo Ann Morris Says:

    I don’t know which I enjoy more, your commentaries or your photographs. They are both works of art. Your sanderling arrived intact.Thanks you so much for helping Mrs. Claus.

  2. Rich Lewis Says:

    This time of year hosts some of our greatest holidays. They are great because when you look through the marketing for turkey dinners and holiday gifts, they are holidays dedicated to beauty. The beauty of family, the beauty of nature and the beauty of the things humans can create. You touched on all three of these here and needless to say my heart is now charged up for this “Most wonderful time of the year.” Thank you for that.

  3. Season Bonner Says:

    Ralph, you live a fascinating and energetic life! Good for you!

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thank you, Season. I am driven to keep moving … to keep doing … and fortunately I enjoy it. I used to say to my late wife, “Plenty of time to sleep in the grave.” Morbid, but my point. Meanwhile my naps are sufficient. I’m also blessed with a minimum of aches and pains; conditions that either resolve or can be relatively easily cleaned up; and a daughter and a special friend who help me out. And if that’s all too serious I’m also driven in that out here at the Old Folks Farm I fear that if I’m not vertical and in motion they’ll pick me up, put me in a small room, and change my laundry periodically.

  4. Sara Ascalon Says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration and the Ikea shelf tip. Will definitely have to keep that in mind for future projects.

  5. Ann-Marie Says:

    On my review I thought I hit 5 stars with my thumb! Here you go ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Beautiful!

  6. Mary Lou Webber Says:

    I marvel at your talents and so enjoy your essays and compositions. I live with a multi-talented husband and his and your productions enrich our lives. Mary Lou

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Wow! Thanks, Mary Lou. I don’t know about Ross but I’m motivated in part by a desire to stay relevant as other responsibilities and powers fade. I feel I’m doing OK and the fact that people such as you like my work is reinforcing. I have a couple of Ross’s Christmas Cards of original art on my frig, and I’d put anything of yours there as well.

  7. denisebushphoto Says:

    Excellent bejeweled post Ralph! I love your Christmas light photos! The extra effort to get to Franklin Square really paid off. I am glad to see your display. I enjoy being surrounded by my photos too … they are filled with good memories and provide a satisfying feeling. And please … do be careful on your bike while delivering papers … the roads can be icy this time of year!

  8. Ralph Berglund Says:

    Thanks, De. Never had a post referred to as bejeweled. And, LOL, I’ll be careful.

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