As Sigrid pointed out yesterday, today I begin another trip around the sun.  That’s eighty-five completed, in the course of which the sun has rolled around me 31,046 times (counting leap years), and here it came again.


That’s eighty-five years of family..

———- Grandparents Louella and William

—————– Parents Rebecca and LeRoy

———————— Siblings Betty Ann and Bill

——————————– Dear late wife and friend of forty-eight years, Marty Lou

—————————————— Dear daughters Kirsten and Sigrid, and son-in-law Bob

————————————————— Dear Grand Daughters Madeline and Gretchen


and eighty-five years of friends ..

———- Old ones and, amazingly, still acquiring new ones

—————— And special friend,  dear Barbara


My deep appreciation to all of that which inspires me and of which I am in awe and by which I am deeply moved…

Great music, great landscapes, the profound mysteries of life’s recurrence, the sea in all of its moods,

and the universe in all of its magnificence.


 “Flow, flow, flow, the current of life is ever onward.”  –  Kobo Daishi, 774-835 A.D.


And my deep appreciation to all those who have befriended me and from whom I have learned and by whom I have been comforted.


Good Morning to another day of this grand adventure!



20 Responses to “AROUND THE SUN AGAIN”

  1. denisebushphoto Says:

    Beautiful images and thoughts! Happy birthday my friend!

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Just beautiful!

  3. Barbara Zimmerman Says:

    Wow! Lovely…

  4. Jeanne Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RALPH. Many memories on land and sea.
    Tom and Jeanne

  5. Laurrie Says:

    Love it, Ralph. Gorgeous composition and photo. And, cheers to 85 years young! xo Laurrie

  6. Marilyn Flagler Says:

    Your words of “Thanks” for what has passed and “Joy” in facing each day on our beautiful planet say “Amen” to me. Thank you…Happy Birthday.

    Marilyn and Phil

  7. Claire Says:

    Dear Ralph, your positive outlook is an inspiration to all of us who are “seasoned citizens”. Many thanks over the past years for sharing your extraordinary photos and astute commentaries on a myriad of special moments you have captured and unselfishly allowed us all to experience them with you! Congratulations on your 86th year. So much more, just around the corner. Hugs, Claire

  8. Sally and Gordon Brummer Says:

    Beautifully done, Ralph. We consider ourselves fortunate to included among your friends – one of us since grammar school. And don’t forget, 85 is now considered the new 84. Sally and Gordon

  9. Rich Lewis Says:

    Your perspective on life and beauty never fails to inspire. I hope you had the happiest of birthdays Ralph.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Rich. Yeah, it was a good celebration. My daughter threw a party for us in the Holly Room last Friday. I guess it was pretty good. The next morning I couldn’t find my keys until I opened the front door and found them still in the lock. Oh, well.

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