My backyard is bounded by woods along Sharps Run, forming part of the perimeter of Medford Leas.  Most of the woods is evergreens and much of that is white pine.  Last night’s mix of rain and sleet enjoyed settling on the pine needles.  It certainly wasn’t my plan to be out there this morning but there you are.


I was pleased with my results but I kept seeing slightly different points of view so ……


Here’s an overview that made me think of a mummer’s costume.


A winter version of a Cleome or a Spider Mum.


The sun finally rose above the rooftops on the left, and it will make short work of the iceing.

Good.  Back to breakfast.


On the way in, not a pine tree branch but, nevertheless, asking for my camera’s attention.



14 Responses to “ICE IN THE PINES”

  1. Janet Hadley Says:

    Beautiful, Ralph. Your work constantly reminds me to look past the obvious, explore deeper. Be curious. Thank you.

  2. Roz Wiliams Says:

    Hate to tell you, but pines in SC were similarly hit.

  3. Jeanne and Tom Says:

    Ralph, I love the needles covered with ice. Your camera must have enjoyed the change of scenery and climate. And the picture taker is pretty amazing, too. It’s going to be hard competing with this one.

  4. Vince Menzel Says:

    Great shots Ralph. Thanks. I guess one could say, “Catch it while you can.” Fortunately you did.

  5. Ken Curtis Says:

    Ice on the pine trees makes an interesting subject and you captured it well, Ralph.

  6. eajackson Says:

    That’s nice you got out and played in the ice and snow. I skated my way to work noticing how interesting the frozen world appeared. Thanks for sharing these with me.

  7. Rich Lewis Says:

    You showed a nice little micro world made from the effects of frozen water and evergreens.

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