I enjoy my sun room all year long (except when I slip away to the shore for the summer).  I particularly enjoy it with my first coffee and wake-up music in the morning but also frequently for lunch and sometimes even breakfast.  I enjoy being closer to the world that surrounds my town house, the bird songs and the occasional passage of some of the deer that live nearby (three in the couple of days that I composed this post).  A paramount feature, however, is my house plants which I enjoy all year long (yes, they go to the beach, too).  With longer days the plants are responding and I’m seeing more color.


Left to right I’m enjoying a hanging basket of Torenia, shelves of a Begonia and a couple of Philodendron, a spring present of  Jasmine from my daughter, a Geranium and another Begonia.  Then there’s the light stand with such goodies as a yellow Lantana, more Begonias and Geraniums, even a Sinningia and an Episcia and a couple of African Violets.  Above them another Geranium, an aggressive Spider Plant, and a blooming Abutilon (Flowering Maple).  To the right an Elephant Ears and a final Geranium.

Pearl is no long around to enjoy the morning with me but the plants are a pleasure.  Tours welcome.



The lighted shelves and trays.


There’s also a miniature rose.  I’ve always enjoyed them and always watched them never bloom again.  This one gave me another shot so I’m encouraged.  So far it’s taken three treatments for aphids and one for black spider.  It’s worth waiting a little longer.



I have only two African Violets under lights; in the old days I had three 8′ x 4′ shelves under a dozen fluorescents, nurturing gloxinias, fragrant stock, marigolds, columnea, violets and begonias.  A business partner once said that when he passed he’d like to be laid out in my basement.  It was a delight to care for and to enjoy, particularly in a cold, dark winter but I eventually lost the war to thrips and mealy bugs.  One or two are manageable, but it’s tough love, baby.  One thrip and you’re outta here.



Let’s go outside to close.  This scene is on the wall of the garden of my long time friends, the McCallums.  Tom had planted this Clematis a while back and it was doing well.  Jeanne asked me if I could photograph it as Tom has been on our nursing floor and hasn’t been able to enjoy the season.  The showery day had left raindrops on the leaves and that added to the appeal.  Good Job, Tom.


Click here for a full sized view.




8 Responses to “SPRING IN THE SUN ROOM”

  1. Season Bonner Says:

    What a delightful, tidy, colorful indoor arboretum you have Ralph! You must get great pleasure from your collection.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Season. I do, as I try to do with life in general. Why not? There’s not as much time left. Keep turning the crank. Call and visit with your camera some day. See what you can see.

      • Jeanne and Tom Says:

        Just got home in time to reply to your latest. All the pictures are wonderful as are the flowers I especially liked he rose. Great color. Thanks so much for rushing over to take the great picture of our climatis. Can’t believe there’s still a large branch blooming. Tom requested the picture be brought back to his room at Woolman. thanks so much.. Ralph.

  2. Virginia Rice Says:

    I’m impressed Ralph by your experience. I however struggle with violets and cacti. Thanks for sharing

  3. eajackson Says:

    Great morning coffee read. Fun well written blog. I must say your sunroom is beautiful. Happy plants ( :

  4. Bonnie Rovere Says:

    I love your sunroom. It is so bright and cheerful. I’m sorry Pearl isn’t there to keep you company.

  5. Sally Vennel Says:

    Ralph. I have missed your blog lately as we are just back from Florida where we bought a small retirement home. Plan to leave LBI in 2 years. It has been my home/part time home for 82 years, and I will miss it. But onward while we still can! I have added nothing to my blog in 2+ years, since we sold out of Colorado. I have been thinking about renewing it, in Word Press IF I can get help from you. Drop me a note is you can – you are always an inspiration.

  6. denisebushphoto Says:

    What a beautiful collection and great place for morning coffee. It must take a lot of time to water and care for all those plants and then cart them down to the shore too … what a great Dad! Happy Father’s Day by the way.

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