As with most of us I’m sheltering in place. I’m in my townhouse at Medford Leas where great efforts are underway to protect residents and staff against the virus. All of the public meeting rooms have been closed except the library and the lounge with its comforting furnishings and fireplace. Even these rooms, however, are limited to four persons at a time. I envision the lounge with a resident in each corner trying to communicate across the room. .

Sheltering here has, at least, the benefit of my sun room which looks south over the adjacent woods.  This past week’s “pink” moon loomed large over the woods but its proximity didn’t make me nervous (reason later).  Click on the image to see a full-sized version.


The workout room and the pool and the auditorium are all closed. The assisted living wing and the Woolman sub-acute nursing floor are quarantined.  Access to the campus is now restricted to the Route 70 entrance, and access to the main building is limited to three entrances each of which is monitored by someone who measures our temperature and inquires as to where we’ve been recently and are we feeling any symptoms.
The two dining rooms and the coffee shop are closed; meals and incidental groceries can be ordered for delivery to our apartments. The medical center is open but controlled as to visitor’s proximity to each other, and the pharmacy is delivering meds to one’s apartment.
My weekly cleaning person arrives on schedule but masked. At least she doesn’t greet me with, “Trick or treat.” I am a little lonely but secure (and cleaned). I am free to wander outside the main building or off campus, and Barbara and I have done some of that (safely) which a future post will report.
Inside my apartment I have plenty of projects underway. They range from post-processing some older images to accruing images for a couple of specialty blog pages to such esoterica as completing the restoration of a 1927 Atwater Kent radio (born five years before me) which after a lot of trouble shooting and parts replacement came back to life this week. A future post? Sure. Meanwhile, its restoration has been a great exercise for an old radio geek’s neurons and satisfying as to results.  It’s just too bad that there’s not much pleasant radio on the AM band which is all they had back in those days.

When not playing with radios in the basement (two in restoration) I can still enjoy the beauty of my sun room which is really what prompted this post.

This image is of a hybrid of Streptocarpus Saxorum which hangs in the room.  The blooms are about twice the size of a non-hybrid version.


Next is a hybridized African Violet.  I spotted it on a trip to Terrain last fall (remember trips to destinations?).  It was obviously unique and also in a larger pot than usual and also pricey at $20 (which is Terrainian).  I’ve never spent that much money for an African Violet in my long life but I succumbed and I’m glad I did.  Every time I look at it I think, “You’re a lot prettier than a twenty dollar bill.”


Finally for today, another African Violet, kind of run-of-the-mill compared to the above, but pretty and forming a delightful nosegay.


So, hanging in and I hope you are as well.

Oh, yeah…that pink moon.  Sorry, it’s fake news; I made it in my little Photoshop.  The moon is a well done lighted plastic sphere that normally sits on a garden table in the sun room and provides a candle-like ambience for dinner.  Its surface is a sculpted copy of the moon’s surface.  For example the well-known Tycho crater can be seen at about five o’clock on the above image.  You can see how it was done by clicking here:  How was it done?    and scrolling down.


23 Responses to “SHELTERING IN (A NICE) PLACE”

  1. Sheila Schneider Says:

    Wonderful message on a long day!

    Lovely pictures!

    Stay well, mentally and physically.


  2. Barbara Zimmerman Says:

    Nicely done! Well deserved credits to Medford Leas…

  3. Amy Golden Says:

    Thanks for sharing , Ralph, and letting me know you’re ok! I appreciate the tutorials too!
    Stay well!

  4. Virginia Rice Says:

    Hi Ralph, so glad to hear from you. Sorry to hear that portions of Medford needs are closed down. Sunrooms are a relief. I used to have one in my farmhouse. Now I spend as much time in my car as I possibly can, at least I’m quarantined there. I’m an outdoors girl, can’t stand to be told I have to stay inside. Oh and I do wear a mask. Missed seeing you, Virginia

  5. Rosalind Williams Says:

    Glad you are as good as possible. We too are quarantined with food deliveries
    to our homes. We call our usual cocktails “ Quarantinis “!
    Love to you, a Ralph, & all our Medford Leas buddies. Roz

  6. Linda L Colgan Says:

    Hi Ralph,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your always beautifully rendered photos—and you got me with the moon! But your artistry with words and gentle musings about life match your photography well. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s next! Stay safe, my friend. Linda

  7. Nina Says:

    Stay safe and thank you for this beautiful post. See you in beach haven !

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Thanks, Nina. I sure hope so. Are you and Paul going to make a bid on that beach lot on Essex which I just came across on Bonnie’s site? I sure don’t want to get in to a bidding war with you. Best to Paul and you.

  8. denisebushphoto Says:

    So glad to hear you are doing well in this scary time. I have always loved African Violets and these and your post have brightened my day. Happy Easter and spring!

  9. Elizabeth Jackson Says:

    Happy Easter. Great blog for my morning coffee experience. Love the $20 line. Stay well and happy spring.

  10. Jo Ann Morris Says:

    Happy Easter, Ralph.

    Glad to hear that you are well protected and provided for at Medford Leas. Your sunroom photos are a breath of Spring. It is difficult to hold our two dichotomous experiences in our weary heads. For the first time in my lifetime ,we are having a totally new experience and we are sharing it with all the rest of humanity. Our the same time, our personal world have shrunk down to our shelter and the people with whom we share that space. Thanks for enlarging our personal world.
    Stay healthy, my friend,
    Jo Ann and Biddle

  11. Lawrence Peacock Says:

    HI Ralph, Catching up on my buried emails. Thanks as always for including me on your posts. I enjoy the read…and the pictures. Collectively your photos and narratives would make an interesting book. Nice distraction from my Real Estate work!

    Look forward to seeing you in the ‘hood.


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