I’ve had a so-called gateway page on my website for years and years but it was a neglected poor cousin.  I had the space and support to do it and I long ago decided I needed it internally so as to readily reach the web sites/pages I maintain.  They range eclectically from photography to ruby-stained souvenir glass to Japanese cloisonne to stained glass to antique radios………..

Below is an image of what the page looked like.  It was basically just a list of sites each of which was a hot link to get to that site.  What you see below, however, is not not a live page so clicking on it won’t take you anywhere even though you might hope a click will take you far away, period.






So, as another socially distancing project I found myself trying to fix it up.  For my eleven years of blogging I’ve been on (250+ posts, 60,000+ views).   Most of my picture galleries are stored on and presented on (4700+ images, 720,000 views).  Everything else that I’ve done since 2004 is stored on web space at (formerly and that’s where I keep  I’ve found them to be reliable, responsive and helpful as they grew into a multi-national company of server sites and services.

It turned out that I could also load WordPress software on to my Ionos space and thus I could continue to work with an editor with which I was familiar.  This software and support comes from  and I’m able to do more through them than on my blog (I dunno, don’t ask).  Anyhow, here’s the result (wait, don’t click on any of it; it’s a picture of the page).  It’s amazing what a little color and some images and some reorganization of the sentences can do.  The background is from my place mat series; the original was made when Richard Bernabe had us study the surface of a chaotic stream under blue sky and green leaves ten years ago in the Great Smokies.


Please, though, visit the real thing by clicking here.



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