Summer’s so over that I’m already back in my winter cave at the Old Folks Farm (Medford Leas). Covid or not it was a great summer with family. We had Bob and Sigrid and Maddy and Gretchen and the old guy all mostly quarantining and working our computers from various rooms in the shore house and we all got along.

In the warm early morning September light on the day after Labor Day this was the scene from Grampa’s deck…one lonely sailboat that had anchored over night and one lonely osprey where there had been a family with two chicks. The season was over.

Within another 38 hours I was unpacked back in the cave.



I completed a couple of projects this summer and worked on others. This one (below) started with a screen shot from an on-line video camera facing a beach on Sanibel Island. I reworked it into more of a landscape scene. Details may be learned here, and a full-size version of the work can be seen here,

Another completed project was the addition of LEDs to the candles in the windows of my Beck farmhouse image. I’ve posted before about this 1874 home in Beach Haven. The land could hold six McMansions and that’s what happened. I had photographed the house before it was taken down, and had simulated a scene in moonlight. Then later I photo-shopped candles into all of the windows. This summer I punched pinholes in all of the candle images and glued an LED behind each. It came out just “OK” but wait till you see the next one. Anyway, here’s the result. Click on the image to see it full-sized.

Another completed project was a redux of my Gateway web page. This page is an overview and entry point for most if the things I have on the web. Click on the image below to be taken there (but please come back.)



I don’t get to do the beach anymore so Barbara and I resumed our weekend driving to other places. We particularly enjoyed driving out the dock roads of West Creek and Cedar Run on the mainland opposite Long Beach Island. These both lead to Manahawkin Bay and are characterized by a lot of one-off homes built over the years and ranging from tiny shacks to McMansions.

We also explored the so-called Seven Bridges Road out of Tuckerton which leads to Great Bay. Turns out they never built two of the seven and the official name is Great Bay Boulevard. It passes a number of small marinas or launching ramps and dead ends at Great Bay. Here’s a typical lonely marina from the past.

And what are the odds of running into a traffic light out on the marshes? This one controls access to a one-lane bridge and has a mate on the other side.



We enjoyed two drive-throughs at the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville. The first was an overcast day but we photographers know that bad days can help create appealing images. Here’s an Osprey family silhouetted against my old home town. (Colleagues: the pole’s leaning; not the photographer.)

On another day we arrived during the mid-tide drainage of the waters bounded by the perimeter road. Those in the know seek out the culverts at this time in order to dine on the fish leaving the interior ponds in the tidal flow.



Summer as with all seasons has its bad days. But for a photographer some bad days mean an opportunity to add feeling to a scene. A foggy day does that well.

And on only a slightly better day this Cormorant was thinking about where to dive next.


I close with this image making its fifth year-end appearance. It symbolizes our sadness about Covid and its effect on so many, and it has always symbolized my sadness at the end of a season with my family.




13 Responses to “AN END OF SUMMER REVIEW”

  1. Ruth Podolin Says:

    Ralph, I so enjoyed your pictures and comments! They awaken the wonders of summers and the shore. May next year be “freer” for all of us!

  2. denisebushphoto Says:

    I’m very glad you enjoyed your summer. I had to look it up when it snowed here recently and it officially ends on the 22nd. I enjoyed seeing your photos and it sure looks like you had fun with the mansion image. Glad you got down to 7 Bridges … it’s a good place to find photographs. Take care and happy fall!

  3. Virginia Rice Says:

    Miss seeing you! Glad you got to both Dock Roads, always interesting finds.

    • Ralph Berglund Says:

      Hi, Miss Beach Haven. Sorry I didn’t get to see you down there this summer. We went to a couple of the craft shows at the baseball field and I sorta thought I might run in to you as we did once before but no luck.

  4. Nancy Steelman Says:

    Ralph. Thanks for your great article and your wonderful,pictures. Nancy

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Bruce Rosborough Says:


    Sorry I didn’t make the trip to our island this summer, but grateful you were there to extend the record for history.
    Stay well optimistic and keep your distance . . . The Best is Yet to Come!

  6. Laurrie Rumpp Says:

    Glad you made the most of your summer despite the overshadowing of Covid. Love how you captured the simplicity & beauty of your life adventures behind the lens. And, very happy you shared your amazing pieces of art with delightful narratives for all to enjoy. Thank you for sharing. I always appreciate and look forward to your posts! Love to all! Laurrie

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