Frank B. Reilly, Jr. R.I.P.

I have lost…we have all lost…a gentleman, indeed a gentle man, a man of stature, a man of dignity, someone who represented the virtues that have sustained our Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club thru its one hundred and eight years, one who helped lead it as a flag officer and trustee, but more than all of these things, a friend.

FRANK BUTLER REILLY October 9, 1945 – October 24, 2020

I was deeply saddened by the news and I felt a profound sense of loss. He had cut back on his North Jersey office work and had moved full time to his Beach Haven home. I enjoyed driving past the home this summer and seeing Frank out working on the grounds. I felt good when I ran into him a couple of times this season in such outdoor events as Covid allowed.

I feel greatly deprived; in an email exchange last winter I had expressed hope that Barbara and I and Cathy and Frank would be able to get together this summer. Who knew of Covid? Now, who knew about loss?

I will miss Frank and I will also miss the grace and force of his positive personality, particularly in the years in which he served as a flag officer.

The years of Frank Reilly’s club life and friends. Click on the image for a larger view.




8 Responses to “Frank B. Reilly, Jr. R.I.P.”

  1. Caroline Flagler Says:

    Thank you for honoring him so. He was definitely one of the good guys and will be sorely missed.

  2. Barb Zimmerman Says:

    Lovely tribute to a lovely man…

  3. Gene Ann Hook Says:

    Lovely tribute to a wonderful man, Ralph. “Franks for the Memories”…


    You put into words what we are all feeling and captured moments of a happy life of service to others.

  5. Shannon Reilly Says:

    Mr. Berglund, on behalf of the Reilly’s, thank you! This has made our day. What wonderful words and pictures. Thank you for giving us a dinner table full of smiles tonight. My dad loved LEHYC and our Beach Haven family.

    Love, Cathy, Shannon, Brian, Courtney, Patrick and Kerry Reilly

  6. Jo Ann Says:

    Ralph, what a fitting and moving tribute to a fine man ,who was such a good citizen in every meaning of that word. Every organization to which Frank belonged, benefitted from his intelligence, integrity, humor and work ethic. What a role model.

    With thanks again,
    Jo Ann and Biddle

  7. Jack Gartland Says:

    What a wonderful tribute Ralph to a class act , true friend and one of a kind. Many happy memories and he will be truly missed.

    Jack and Jan

  8. Denise Hodes Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful tribute honoring Frank. So nice seeing pictures of him over the years with children and adults alike. A great father to a wonderful family. He was always welcoming, kind and smiling.

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